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Kinect-Powered Gears of War RTS Footage Appears

Gameplay footage for the reportedly canceled real-time strategy game, Gears of War: Tactics, has emerged, showing off the popular shooter series in a totally new light.

VG Leaks has obtained a two-minute video for the game, which supposedly used Microsoft’s Kinect camera to allow players to direct their troops and call in airstrikes. In this alpha version, you use your finger to draw through the air to tell your troops where to go and how to attack.

The same site obtained the first screenshots for Gears of War: Tactics back in 2013, speculating at the time that the game had shifted from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. We can’t embed the video footage, so you’ll need to visit VG Leaks to see the footage.

It is unclear if Gears of War: Tactics is a different name for Gears of War: Exile, another Kinect-powered game that Epic Games confirmed in 2012 was canceled.

Microsoft acquired the Gears of War franchise from Epic Games earlier this year for an undisclosed sum. Black Tusk Studios, a division of Microsoft, is currently working on a new Gears of War title, presumably for Xbox One. Veteran Gears of War producer Rod Fergusson is heading up development on the game, which isn’t anywhere near release.

For more on Gears of War: Tactics, check out the gallery below, featuring images from VG Leaks.

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Diving perfectly in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team – sasnavidya

Yes, we said diving. We know it is somewhat of a dirty word in football. Besides, players never intentionally flop to receive a call. No one has ever over

exaggerated a small shirt pull into a huge spectacle that results in bodies hitting grass. No way did our favorite player launch himself onto the ground to

get a penalty kick to maybe win the game!

OK, let’s be honest and take a step in the right direction by admitting that diving is a real thing in leagues today. That said, we bring this up for two

reasons. First, there’s controversy. Some guys would rather get caught reading Fifty Shades of Grey on a train than get caught diving in football. Second,

diving in FIFA 15 does not technically exist.

Nowhere in the game’s skills training section, basic controls, advanced or even mind control will you see how to dive or “double tap joystick to dive.”

That being the case, we have a good amount of games under our belts to believe diving may exist. Call it Easter egg, glitch or Bigfoot sighting, and you can

be the judge.

While on offense with the ball at your player’s feet, you need to have a defender on you jockeying for the ball. You need to wait for him to put a hand on

you, either grabbing your shoulder or pulling at the bottom of your jersey. While this is going on, if you hit the lob pass/slide tackle button, there is a

good chance your guy will go down and an even better chance it’ll appear to be a foul in the ref’s eyes.

After we discovered this, we spent plenty of time trying to duplicate our results with hit and miss outcomes. We think it may also depend on where the ball

is at your feet. If it is literally right on top of your foot, you might just boot it away when attempting to dive. We seem to have better results when the

ball is a little further ahead of our player, either at full sprint or if the defender slows us down enough with his jockeying.

Again, we’re not saying diving is 100 percent possible in FIFA 15 with an easy to hit button and a guaranteed outcome. However, it did happen enough to draw

our attention. We’ll leave this up to you to try and master. If anyone gets more concrete answers, please leave a comment below. We’re sure everyone would

love to learn how to do this. You know, to make sure we know what to stay away from. Besides, there is no room for flopping in football, right?