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FUT United came this weekend which has incredible prize to be won. There are no more details and FIFA 15 fans now are all curious about the coming FUT united and have a hot discussion.

The original twitter is that “FUT United returns this weekend. Incredible prize to be won” with a picture. The FIFA 15 FUT United lasts from Nov 14 to Nov 16, just this weekend. Players are all wondering what is it and what effects the FUT Unite may probably bring?

Some FIFA fans who have played before reply that the FIFA 15 FUT United maybe just like the event hosted in FIFA 13, while not sure for100% but there must be some similarities.Besides, other players comment that FIFA 15 FUT Unite maybe similar to the contest of FIFA 14. All called FUT United, but 13 and 14 are quite different.

Winners of FUT United prizes will be randomly chosen from the eligible entries.
While the event in FIFA 14 is different that you just have to win a game between a certain time, or maybe a tournament and you will automatically be entered into having a chance of winning prizes like 1M FIFA 14 coins or a Tickets to a BPL Fixture. No happy hour followed.

So in FUT United of FIFA 15, it’s possible that you win one game and have the chance to win the prize which includes may involve tickets covering all fees for near big match and more than 1M FIFA 15 coins. Anyway EA announced that the prize is incredible.

About the coming FUT United, what effect it may result is another heated topic. Not knowing what the purpose of this event is, FIFA players wonder if this event will make the price of FIFA 15 coins change since more packs possibly available then. They expect the price of IF to drop. Someone suggest that it is most likely a good idea to sell any expensive NIFs you have right now and you will be able to buy them again for cheaper soon. For this, maybe you can try.

Anyway, we will see what’s going on in FIFA 15 FUT United soon. No matter what it will be, you need to win a game in FIFA 15 is a must.

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Real-Life Evil Within Maze Is the Stuff of Nightmares

Fans in Australia can make their way through a real-world maze featuring characters from the game and all kinds of grisly scenes.

Bethesda today announced a partnership with Australian theme park Warner Bros. Movie World for the creation of a real-world maze inspired by Bethesda’s

upcoming horror game, The Evil Within. Brave fans can experience the horror as part of the park’s “Fright Nights” series beginning in October.

The Evil Within maze features real-life characters from the game, and Bethesda says it is “sure to be a test of nerves for anyone brave enough to enter.” If

you can’t make it to the Warner Bros. Movie World in Queensland, Australia, a “teaser version” of the maze will come to the EB Expo in Sydney October 3-5.

North American theme parks, including Six Flags, also host “Fright Night” events, but there was no mention of The Evil Within’s maze appearing anywhere

outside of Australia. You can see more images of the maze in the Imgur gallery below.

Developed by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and his Japanese studio, Tango Gameworks, The Evil Within is set to launch on October 14 worldwide for Xbox

360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. We recently learned about the game’s voice talent, which includes Dexter, Hell on Wheels, and A

Nightmare on Elm Street actors.

For more on The Evil Within, check out GameSpot’s previous coverage.

FIFA 14 Coins News: FIFA Ultimate Team on its fifth anniversary

FUT addict and expert Ben Wilson reveals the mindblowing facts and figures behind Fut Coins – which has claimed so many hours of all our lives
Happy birthday: FUT is five-years-old

Over the last five years FIFA’s card-collecting, coin-hoarding mode has become less a fun five-minute distraction, more a life-dominating obsession.

With 64% of those who own EA’s latest footy game regularly playing FIFA 14 PC Coins,it’s now the most popular feature in the series. And if you find that stat eye-popping, try these additional ones on for sizeaEUR|

1. Since the mode was first introduced in FIFA 09, a staggering 21.8 million unique users have played Ultimate Team across all formats. (One of those millions is Reading forward, and self-confessed FIFA addict, Adam Le Fondre – no word on whether he’s dared to purchase himself).

2. When Fut Coins debuted in FIFA 09, 1 million gamers dipped their toes in. By FIFA 13 that number had undecupled – yes, it’s a real word – to 11.2 million.

3. Since FIFA 14 went on sale in September, there have been 725 million matches played in Ultimate Team alone. On average there are 264,000 per day, or 11,000 each hour. Still reckon Chelsea’s fixture list is a touch unfair, Jose?

4. This one is bound to make ‘Appy ‘Arry envious: Since September of last year, 1.46 billion transfers have taken place in the FIFA 14 incarnation of Ultimate Team.

5. On an average day in Fut Coins, there are roughly 13 million player transfers around the globe – approximately 542,000 per hour. Chew on that, Jim White.

6. For the first three months after FIFA 14 went onsale, the players sold most often in Ultimate Team were Villa forward Christian Benteke, Schalke 04 defender Christian Santana, and Milan full-back Ignazio Abate. Two Arsenal defenders are also in the ‘least wanted’ top ten: Laurent Koscielny (#6) and Kieran Gibbs .

EA SportsA copy of FIFA 14 signed by Gareth Bale

7. When this year’s game launched, the club with the most ‘gold’ players in Ultimate Team wasn’t Barcelona or Real Madrid – but Chelsea, with 25. Second – look away now, David Moyes – were Manchester United with 23. (Barca and Real, along with Juventus, boasted 21.)

8. At the other end of the Premier League, Crystal Palace started the season with just one ‘gold’ player in Marouane Chamakh. (Since joined by Joe Ledley). Even worse off were Cardiff, with none – although they’ve since signed a player FIFA classes as gold: full-back Fabio. Fool’s gold, presumably.

9. At launch, Barcelona had the highest ranked Ultimate Team squad in FIFA 14,with an average player rating of 81. Real were next with 80, followed by Juve and Atletico Madrid on 79 apiece.

10. The mode’s Team Of The Year – which sees the best players immortalised as ‘blue’ cards – isn’t chosen by EA or even FIFA itself, but voted on by the 50,000 players across the planet who belong to FIFPro.

11. Despite being around for five years, this year’s game is the first to let you edit squad numbers within Ultimate Team. Sadly for fans of former Inter forward Ivan Zamorano, 1+8 still isn’t an option.

12. Ultimate Team enabled EA to bring past legends to the series for the first time in FIFA 14, Fifa Ultimate Team Coins with Dennis Bergkamp, Ruud Gullit, and George Weah among those who can be purchased in-game.

The one catch? For this season at least, all those classic old-timers are exclusive to Xbox.

13. Mat Prior, Producer of the first edition FIFA Ultimate Team, says the one legend he’d most want added to the game if he could pick any player past or present is, eraEUR| Shaun Goater.