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FIFA 15 TOTW 20 Package:Neymar, Sneijder, Klose included –

FIFA 15 TOTW The developers at EA Sports are delivering the regular Team of the Week package for all fans of the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 15, allowing them to get access to a range of solidly performing players that can be used by any first eleven to improve its performance in the long term.

The biggest star included this week is Neymar, the Barcelona player who has been recently finding his rhythm in an attack formation that also features Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

The attacking line also includes Klose, who is continuing a good run despite his age, and McCormack.

The midfield that gamers can try to recreate is made up of four players: Feret, Sneijder, Kuyt and Pizzaro; and there are also three defenders coming to Ultimate Team: Clman, Moretti and Lustig.

The goalkeeper selected by EA Sports is Diego Alves from Atletico Madrid, who will be tested tonight by Neymar when his team meets Barcelona.

As always, the Team of the Week package also includes the seven substitutes that the laws of football mandate, but most players who buy it will probably not even notice their presence.

FIFA 15 is implementing winter transfers at the moment
Currently, EA Sports is focused on making sure that all the transfers that take place in the real world during the January window are also reflected in the football sim, with updates delivered almost daily.

Most of the activity will take place towards the end of the week and that means it might take a little while for all the changes to be introduced.

The development team will also continue to deliver extra content, including tutorial videos for the community and more tournaments featuring players from major European teams.

The community has been asking EA Sports to introduce at least one new title update for FIFA 15, which is supposed to deal with issues like crossing and pace for some players, but its unclear whether it will ever be implemented.

World Of Warcraft Selfie Contest Announced

A few months ago, Blizzard released Patch 6.1 for World of Warcraft which introduced selfies to the game. Basically it is a toy that players can find in the game that lets them take selfies which they can then share on social networks and whatnot. It’s a rather novel feature but it looks like Blizzard wants gamers to take full advantage of it.

The developer has recently announced the World of Warcraft Selfie Scavenger Hunt sweepstakes which basically tasks players to take all kinds of selfies, upload them onto Blizzard’s website and stand a chance to win a variety of prizes. According to Blizzard, “The WoW Selfie Scavenger Hunt sweepstakes has begun, and every week you have a chance to win Blizzard gear, Balance codes, or an iPhone 6—and every week you enter it increases your chances to win the Grand Prize: a trip for two to BlizzCon 2015!”

We suppose ultimately the prize that everyone has their eye on is probably the free trip to BlizzCon, especially when you consider how fast tickets sell out, not to mention that every year at BlizzCon appears to be an action-packed one. Plus it has been rumored that the next Diablo 3 expansion could also be announced at the event, so if you’re a fan what better way to take it all in than to be there in person, right?

Guild Wars 2’s capital city is being rebuilt

It was over a year ago that Guild Wars 2’s capital city, Lion’s Arch, was destroyed as part of the Living World storyline. Since then, a group of NPCs have constantly hammered at the same spots in the hope that a city would magically re-appear. Amazingly, it seems to have worked. As part of yesterday’s otherwise minor Guild Wars 2 patch, scaffolding has sprung up around the city. In addition, ArenaNet has unveiled their plan for a brand new Lion’s Arch.

“The plan of the city leaders is not to attempt to fully restore the landmark as it once was, but rather to implement an enhanced design that will more realistically serve the Tyria of today,” writes ArenaNet’s Gaile Gray.

To recognise the change in design, various districts and landmarks are being renamed. ArenaNet is giving its players the chance to help name these locations—albeit only by picking from a list of pre-selected options.

ArenaNet says the rebuilt city will be ready in the “next few months”. Below, you can find some screenshots of the building work as it currently stands.

First Image From World of Warcraft Movie Revealed

While many of you out there aren’t interested in video game movies, and we can’t blame you because they’re usually pretty terrible, we’re pinning a lot of hopes on the long awaited adaptation of World of Warcraft, which we really think has a shot.

Warcraft is being directed by Duncan Jones, who has a unique POV as a director and isn’t some hack, and now the first official images from the movies have been unleashed. Here is a shot of Orgrim, who Wired calls the movie’s “hunky star.”

It’s hard to think of this beast as a hunk, obviously Wired is being facetious, but in the day of great motion capture performances, maybe Robert Kazinsky, who plays Orgrim, could end up stealing the movie. As Jones told Wired, “We’ve gone beyond the point where these are just creatures in movies. We now have the technology and the ability to make new characters entirely.”

The World of Warcraft movie, which is simply entitled Warcraft, hits theaters June 10, 2016.

FIFA 15 Delivers Another Batch of Great Goals of the Week –

One reason for the long-term success of FIFA 15 might be the fact that gamers are still discovering new and interesting ways to use the core mechanics of the game to create great goals, some of which would be very hard if not impossible to replicate in the real world.

The new set of player created moments delivered by the team at EA Sports also benefits from the soundtrack, which is Spark To Start created by The Spitfires.

The Goals of the Week footage also shows that players can create cool gameplay situations using a variety of players and the particular skills of each of them.

At the moment EA Sports is continuing its long-term effort to keep gamer interest in FIFA 15 high.

The studio is making sure that star players, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, have affordable prices and it is also introducing more ways to earn coins that can be spent in the Ultimate Team mode.

But the company is also getting close to the moment when FIFA 16 will be officially announced.

Madden NFL 16 recently was shown off via a high-profile cover vote, won by Odell Beckham Jr.

A similar strategy might be followed for FIFA 16, culminating in the reveal of a gameplay focused video.

EA Sports FIFA 16: Best Soccer Simulation of All Time?

Sports FIFA 15 was the definitive soccer simulation on Sony Corps (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Corps (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox One. While FIFA 14 introduced the Ignite Engine, it was FIFA 15 that perfected it.

FIFA 15 was a step in the right direction for EA. On current-gen consoles, the differences were apparent compared to last-gen consoles, from graphics to gameplay. One of the coolest things about FIFA 15 was the introduction of authentic Barclays Premier League television graphics; as well as authentic recreation of all 20 stadiums.

Another interesting improvement was Emotional Intelligence. Players are expected to react to near misses, dramatic goal saves, and this would get really intense in the dying minutes in a match that was tied on goals. If you scored a goal, you are likely to witness 10-man celebrations, which were perhaps never seen in previous games.

Shooting required more precision, and goalkeepers even got much smarter. Now you could emulate the Special One Jose Mourinho and command your squad to Park the Bus, as an additional tactic. On the flip side, an All-Out Attack was also introduced tactically. Career mode, especially if you are a manager; introduced better ways of scouting talent and improved menus. You can set up five different team sheets, and the team management screen got a much-needed overhaul.

Can EA Top The Highly Successful FIFA 15?

Considering all the improvements in FIFA 15, it wont be surprising if FIFA 16 becomes the best soccer simulation ever. While every game gets us closer to emulating Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo; FIFA 16 is expected to perfect it. Players movements, emotions, and style are all likely to be more authentic. Their reactions to different moments are expected to be as realistic as possible. For example, Ronaldos reaction after scoring a penalty and taking off his shirt to flex his muscles; and six-pack abs in a match that was already won.

Another would be Messis reaction after scoring two goals against Bayern Munich; in the last 20 minutes of a stalemate game in a UEFA Champions League Match. The Champions League license is not with EA Sports, but you get the picture.

Another thing we feel needs to be introduced is the role of managers in kick-off online, or career mode. While in career mode, we as managers, make decisions on and off the field, this should apply in regular kick-off matches. What we mean to say is that as players are recreated for authenticity, managers should now get the same treatment. It would be lovely to see Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, or Louis Van Gaal recreated along with their emotions and reactions during the game.

Something similar was seen in FIFA World Cup 2010, but not as fleshed out. It was a taste of what could be proper manager animations.

This way, managers are as much part of the game as the players. We are likely to see them argue with referees, leave the ground before full time, or refuse to talk to the press. All these things are expected to add realism, because in todays soccer, managers are as important to clubs as players. While watching any league match, whether its the Premier League or La Liga, managers are almost always animated, especially during high pressure ties.

The Expected Dates for the TOTS of FUT 15

TOTS is coming on the way!Year after year, EA follows a very strict calendar. Looking to the release dates of the previous years, it is possible to get a good idea about when the TOTS of FUT 15 will begin. In FIFA 12 and FIFA 13, the first TOTS was launched respectively at May 2 and May 8. However, in FIFA 14 the expected date (May 7) was anticipated two weeks. This was an exception obviously due to the World Cup. What sets the date of the first TOTS is the calendar of domestic leagues. This season, the end of major European leagues is in line with what happened in 2013 and previous years. That’s why the first TOTS of FUT 15 should be announced at May 6, 2015 at 4pm (UK time) and released in packs two hours later. Since these teams are always announced at Wednesdays, the alternative dates are April 29 or May 13.

Like it happened in previous years, the Community TOTS will be the first one to be launched. In fact, this has been officially confirmed by EA Sports that began to consult the community about the most suitable players for these three teams (gold, silver and bronze) on April 1. In FUT 14 that happened on April 2. That is, exactly three weeks before the TOTS launch. Applying the rule to this year could mean that we would know the Community TOTS on the 22nd of April, something that is out of the question since that is the deadline EA has to hear gamers opinions. The date of the 29th of April is a valid date but the strongest date is still May the 6th because in FIFA 13 and previous years there were always two weeks between the deadline and the TOTS launch.

May the 6th is also the expected release date published in the popular FIFA Game News calendar. For those who don’t know, this calendar aggregates the dates of the most important FIFA 15 events. Despite having been published ten months ago, almost all the dates actually came out to be true. The FIFA 14 calendar also reached a 95% success rate, achieving correct predictions, amongst others, the dates of TOTY and TOTS. It is the most reliable source that can be found but the truth will only be known when the TOTS comes out.


The extreme market crash is happening people, EA has done it again, this time by having a phenomenal team of the week, led by none other than Cristiano Ronaldo. This is no ordinary Ronaldo though, it’s a record breaker Ronaldo who is also a striker….A STRIKER. The last time a striker Ronaldo was released, he went for 15 million coins for about 5 days, now with price caps, he still might go over the range of 15 million.

Ronaldo’s card looks phenomenal and now becomes the best player in the game, because of his natural striker position he gets full chemistry, and links with both Neymar and Bale perfectly.

He’s not the only amazing card this week though, we have the young Luis Suarez up front as an in form that looks to be the second best card in the game, he’s become thew new Ibrahimovic, only better. Amazing stats across the board, and his teammate Dani Alves also has a great card, there aren’t many good right backs in the game, and Dani Alves’ inform may be the best one aside from Lahm’s ToTY card. Other solid cards that will be underrated are Diego’s who looks solid, and Clint Dempsey’s who is now the best MLS player in the game.

Get ready for the market crash, because everyone is opening packs!