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ArenaNet Announces End-Game Content Changes for Guild Wars 2

The changes in question are designed with the goal to make Fractal of the Mists more accessible to more people, while increasing the difficulty level at higher levels for more experienced players looking for more of a challenge.

“One of the core changes we’re making is that each fractal run will only consist of one island from a static list instead of the current rotation of three random islands with a random boss fractal,” Guild Wars 2 game design lead Mike Zadorojny said. “This change to ‘1 fractal=1 island’ means that you’ll be able to run a fractal over your lunch break but still have the flexibility of running three or four fractals in the evening with your friends just like before. It also means that there will be a lot less pressure to find a group of people who can commit to 30-60 minutes in a single sitting or over 90 minutes on longer runs.”

He added: “The lower scales will be adjusted to help make them more approachable to players to aid them in learning the mechanics of individual fractals before they scale up and become too difficult.”

While making the lower level fractals more approachable, ArenaNet also wants to make sure experienced players are not left out of Fractals of the Mists by this new change.

“To start with, we’re raising the maximum fractal scale from 50 to 100. In addition, after scale 50, the difficulty curve will change to adjust not only the health and outgoing damage of creatures but also other stats like precision and toughness. The combination of these changes will increase the viability of different builds and give players more to think about when attempting to overcome a particular scale.”

Check out the full post from Zadorojny on Guild Wars 2’s official website for more details on these and other changes coming to the game.

Guild Wars 2’s first expansion pack, Heart of Thorns, doesn’t have a specific release date other than sometime this year, but the expansion is available for pre-purchase in standard ($49.99), deluxe ($74.99), and ultimate editions ($99.99). All three editions come with the base Guild Wars 2 game, but those who purchased the base game prior to January 23, 2015 and pre-purchase Heart of Thorns will be granted an extra character slot free of charge. Heart of Thorns will add a new character class, The Revenant, access to the Maguuma Jungle, and more.  Buy cheap GW2 Gold Online

World Of Warcraft Reportedly To Get Featured In New Universal Video Games Theme Park

It’s not just about movies anymore. Universal Studios Theme Parks may be developing big plans to expand the park in Orlando with new attractions and rides based on video games from Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment.

If the rumors are true, this video game-themed amusement park will be Universal Studios’ third property in Orlando, along with Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure. According to an exclusive report on This Is Infamous, the studio is hoping to rival the number of visitors to another nearby multi-day family attraction-the classic favorite family destination, Disneyland.

Reportedly, Universal is still acquiring the land required for this massive project. However, if the alleged plans push through, it is indeed expected to give Disney a run for its money and a healthy competition for Orlando family tourist destinations.

Possible ideas for the park include children-friendly areas based on Nintendo games like Pokemon, Mario Kart and Legend of Zelda-which could easily be expanded to create entire themed lands on their own within the park due to the immense size of the video game’s scope and lore.

Another area of the park which is almost certainly going to be featured is World of Warcraft, due to the fact that Universal is already in the process of creating a Warcraft movie set for next year.

However, all these are still speculation and the gamers in us just can’t wait to hear the official news from Universal itself on when and if we’ll be able to race against Donkey Kong and Mario in a Mario Kart ride or hang with Orcs in a Warcraft themed world.

Nevertheless, even though it is not more than a rumor at this point, it is not difficult to believe that these plans may come to fruition due to Universal having five on-site hotels and a water park set to open its gates in 2017.-Buy cheap wow gold

‘Guild Wars 2’ Heart of Thorns new mode review: Features adventure mode

Something new is coming to “Guild Wars 2”-the Adventure Mode. This new mode is a set of single-adventurer events wherein the player must complete an event against the clock. This would then make for a fast-paced event, packed with more action, where the player must actively use his skills to win an event. This new mode is officially called “Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.”

These events, or Adventures as they are called, pit players as they go meet up certain challenges. Although the game certainly has its share of obstacles, like jumping puzzles and the like, the developers saw that they weren’t enough in creating player interaction and that they didn’t have enough replay value.

What they came up with is the Adventure Mode, wherein there are Adventures and players join them to hone their skills. To participate, players must use the Mastery system, along with their skills in meeting the challenges within the Adventures.

An example of an adventure is when a ship runs aground and the survivors are left on an island. The survivors make practice dummies out of their clothes for them to hone their targeting skills. A player is given a rifle plus a small amount of ammunition. To win this adventure, the player must shoot as many dummies as possible before the time runs out.

Each Adventure is a battle of the player against himself; he does not compete with others. Although there are leaderboards, the scores there are for bragging rights and to allow for interaction. It does not mean that there is direct interaction between players in an Adventure. Each Adventure then has its own leaderboard.

Of course, having a leaderboard will still mean a competition of some sort between players, even if it’s not a direct competition or that there would be PvP of some sort. It would be interesting how having a leaderboard will play out in the new premise of the game, as well how it will facilitate interaction between players, even though each Adventure would be like a mini solo game.-GW2 Gold online sale

World of Warcraft’s Westfall in Unreal Engine 4 is beautiful

Blizzard wants World of Warcraft to live for another ten years, so it’s safe to assume the studio won’t rebuild the MMO from scratch, if that’s even possible. That’s fine, but computer graphics have advanced enormously since 2004, and none of Blizzard’s iterative graphical improvements could hope to compete with, say, an open world RPG running in Unreal Engine 4.

Thankfully YouTube user Daniel L (aka Daniel Luchau) has painstakingly recreated WoW’s Westfall area in UE4. The video above is a virtual tour of the region (sans NPCs and players) with dynamic lighting and shadows. According to the video description Luchau pulled textures and Unreal demos, but also extracted some models direct from the source material.

This isn’t the first of Luchau’s UE4 videos: he also recreated and filmed the Elwynn Forest area. Eventually he’d like to release the builds to VR platforms, which is very exciting indeed.-Buy cheap wow gold

Arenanet Reveals New Revenant Legend, Shiro Tagachi for Guild Wars 2

Today ArenaNet revealed Shiro Tagachi as a new legend for the revenant profession coming to Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. The revenant channels legends from Guild Wars lore, affording player characters new abilities and weapons taken from Tyrian history. Long-time Guild Wars fans will recognize Shiro Tagachi from Guild Wars: Factions.

ArenaNet designer Roy Cronacher provides further detail on the dual-wielding sword weapon set and the skills specific to the Shiro legend, along with a handy wrap-up of all revenant legends, in a new blog posted on the official Guild Wars 2 website. Shiro gives the revenant more mobility with assassin-like abilities that deal physical damage. One such skill is Rift Slash, which allows players to slash foes with dual swords creating an unstable rift, damaging enemies nearby. Precision Strike is another skill that arms players with blades that they can quickly throw out to both damage and chill enemies.

ArenaNet will reveal the first in-game look at Shiro when Cronacher joins host Rubi Bayer on Points of Interest airing this Friday, July 17 at 12 p.m. PDT on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel.-Guild Wars 2 Gold Online

Fly Over The World of Warcraft on a Gryphon in Amazing 360-Degree Video

Following its launch as a virtual reality app last week, Legendary Pictures has now released a YouTube version of an amazing 360-degree video that lets you fly over Azeroth on the back of mythic gryphon.

It’s of course meant to promote Legendary’s upcoming fantasy movie Warcraft, based on the Blizzard Entertainment’s juggernaut gaming franchise. Specifically, the city you’re flying over is Stormwind.

The new YouTube version supports YouTube 360 (on Chrome only), allowing you to use the directional tools to look in any direction you want. Be sure to do that as the video unfolds for the biggest impact.

Star Wars studio Industrial Light & Magic, which is providing the effects shots for Warcraft, developed the Azeroth video through its xLAB division.

Warcraft hits theaters in June 2016, and could be followed up by two sequels. In other recent news about the movie, director Duncan Jones has confirmed that the first trailer will be released this fall.-Wow gold online

Guild Wars 2 Wins Game of Show At Rezzed

MMORPG Guild Wars 2 won game of show at indie gaming expo Rezzed 2015 in London as voted by attendees.

The booth for Guild Wars 2 was packed from opening with the queue wrapping around the game’s booth for the entire event and with good reason-Gamers were coming to see the newly announced first expansion for Guild Wars 2 called Heart of Thorns which brought a whole new “Mastery” system and a slew of new content.

EGX Rezzed 2015 was by far the biggest yet with over 12,000 visitors coming to play on over 150 games on 300+ screens!

“This year’s EGX Rezzed provided the most positive feedback of any show in the EGX family. Consumers enjoyed the discovery of a new and fascinating venue and developers enjoyed the opportunity to either take their own space or throw themselves together”, said David Lilley, Managing Director of Gamer Events. “Last week’s show provides the perfect springboard for this September’s EGX, the largest gaming event in UK history”.

From Software’s upcoming Bloodborne came a close second pulling in queues which never lessened. DONTNOD’s episodic time-bending adventure Life is Strange also fared very well as did the cheeky macho platformer Broforce.-Cheap GW2 Gold online sale

Guild Wars 2: Stronghold Mist Champions

ArenaNet has announced the latest feature coming with the new Stronghold PvP game mode coming in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. Collectively called Mist Champions, this new system will allow players to customize the heroes that they summon during Stronghold matches.

In previous betas of the new game mode, players saw two of these Mist Champions as set heroes for each team. Now, players will be able to choose as part of their build whether they want to summon the warrior Turai Ossa, the pirate Grumm Svaard or the newly announced Mist Champion Nika, an assassin that Guild Wars: Factions players might find familiar.

In addition to being able to select your champion, ArenaNet has improved them by giving each a unique passive effect, elite skill and an all new War Cry that triggers an effect across the map when the champion is summoned.

Turai Ossa focuses on defending his allies. His War Cry will create a protective shelter that blocks enemy attacks for all allies on the map. His passive has him pulsing aegis to nearby allies as well as granting protection to nearby allies whenever they block an attack. Finally, his elite skill taunts all the enemies in the lord room while granting himself a huge retaliation boon.

Grymm Svaard takes control of the battlefield with the help of his nearby pirate ship, the Nomad II. When summoned, Grymm calls in a barrage of cannonballs that targets every enemy on the map, knocking down and burning those hit. His passive pulses fury to nearby allies with any critical strikes landed while near Grymm having a chance to call in another cannonball on the target. His elite is the Nomad II Broadside which unloads a barrage of cannonballs down on the lord’s room.

In addition to the Mist Champions, ArenaNet also outlined the Mode Preferences option. This option will let players pick which mode they want to play in-choosing Stronghold, Conquest or both-and will only be queued up for those selected modes.-Buy cheap GW2 Gold

FIFA 15 Barcelona and Real Madrid Stats Revealed –

The development team at EA Sports has not yet offered any official look at the ratings for players in FIFA 16 but it seems that, at least for the moment, Lionel Messi is considered to be a better player than Cristiano Ronaldo, with a rating of 94 to 93.

The information comes from an Italian site that talks about a recent event in Madrid during which information about the teams for both Barcelona and Real Madrid was offered.

The source is a little sketchy, and that means that fans of the series should probably take them with a pinch of salt.

Even if the data is real, it is very probable that EA Sports will continue to evaluate players and to revise it before the FIFA 16 experience is launched. See More at:

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