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Final Hellfire Citadel Wing Now Available Via LFR In ‘World of Warcraft’

With the events on Draenor coming to end within Hellfire Citadel, World of Warcraft players have known for some time now how the events within lead up to the next expansion Legion. However, players that solely stick to using the Looking For Raid tool versus playing in Normal, Heroic, or Mythic modes were not yet able to defeat the final boss of Warlords of Draenor. Today, they can use the LFR tool to queue for The Black Gate where they will battle with the last raid boss of the current expansion.

The release of the final wing of Hellfire Citadel was scheduled by Blizzard developers before the raid was even introduced to the game. The addition of the final wing to LFR opened up today according to the official World of Warcraft website, and The Black Gate opened up on schedule. There were a few issues with its launch, though. The one and only boss in the wing was not spawning properly, and developers quickly rectified the issues. The assistant test lead for World of Warcraft told players via Twitter that if they were in an instance where the boss does not appear they need to leave and re-queue.

Although it is widely known who the last boss of the expansion is, consider this a spoiler warning if you want to enter this World of Warcraft LFR for the first time unaware of the events that take place at The Black Gate. In this wing, players find Gul’dan opening up a portal that Archimonde walks through. The Archimonde fight has three phases and offers notable armor for all armor types, several trinkets, a staff, and a greatsword. Items looted in LFR are item level 685. After his defeat, a rather telling cinematic shows the fate of Gul’dan building up what will take place in Legion.

Of course, there is more to World of Warcraft than raiding. Although the final raid of the expansion is out, another patch is planned to finally let players fly in Draenor. A meta-achievement unlocks the ability account wide, and that achievement has been available for some time now. The achievement, called “Draenor Pathfinder,” awards players with a red and yellow Soaring Skyterror rylak mount. It tasks players with exploring the continent, completing all the storylines of the expansion, finding a number of treasures, finishing a number of bonus objectives, and raising three Tanann Jungle reputations to revered. Although completing the achievement awards the mount now, players cannot fly until another patch is released. Currently, as the Inquisitr reported, that patch is due to release on September 1.   Buy cheap wow gold

World of Warcraft: Legion Might Be Playable at BlizzCon

World of Warcraft developer Blizzard confirms that the upcoming Legion expansion might be playable at BlizzCon later this year, especially since it’s currently in an internal alpha test phase. However, the studio is still tight-lipped about the big add-on.

Blizzard shared quite a lot of different details about its upcoming projects earlier this year. Among them, the biggest was World of Warcraft: Legion, the next expansion for the long running multiplayer online role-playing game.

The studio shared plenty of details about the new mechanics, the Demon Hunter class, or the increased level cap, and now it’s gotten back to focusing on the final stages of its development.

According to Game Director Tom Chilton, who talks with MMOGames, the title is currently in an internal alpha stage and it’s scheduled to reach beta status later this year.

If everything goes smoothly, Chilton expects that Legion might be playable, in one form or another, at BlizzCon this fall. However, he can’t promise anything, but he did say that it will be showcased during various events to fans from all over the world.

At the same time, he also pledges to share more details and new mechanics in the following months, so that fans can have a better idea of the expansion.

Right now, World of Warcraft: Legion is set to launch next year for the popular MMORPG.      Cheapest wow gold Online

Guild Wars 2’s Revenant elite is the heal-happy Herald

Guild Wars 2 expansion Heart of Thorns brings new profession the Revenant to the game. Each of Guild Wars’ professions can eventually make it to elite specialisation, and ArenaNet have seen it fit to now tell us all about what the Revenant can become: the Herald. It’s a shield-bearing, support-heavy role that looks sure to be popular in a fight.

The Herald allows the Revenant to equip a shield in the off-hand, which can be used to cast a variety of buffs and heals when used with the Legendary Dragon Stance of Glint. Envoy of Exuberance is a skill that buffs allies with protection and a quick heal. Crystal Hibernation is a personal shield spell that regenerates health and ignores any damage and conditions applied to you.

The Herald’s Legend provides five upkeep skills, which mostly focus on granting your allies boons such as swiftness and protection. The Herald also gains a mechanical skill called Facet of Nature, which increases boon durations on nearby allies every few seconds.

As with all Guild Wars professions, the Revenant can fight underwater, and the aquatic abilities for the Herald have now been locked down. The spear-based skills have been announced, and are an even balance of physical and condition-damage styles. Spear of Anguish inflicts increasing durations of torment, and Rapid Assault auto-attacks to inflict vulnerability.

The full nitty-gritty details on every Herald combat ability can be found over at the Guild Wars 2 website. If you’ve yet to try out the Revenant profession in Heart of Throns’ beta, you can read our hands-on of the expansion.   Guild Wars 2 Gold Online

Blizzard Already Has The Next World Of Warcraft Expansion Planned

So last week Blizzard announced the latest World of Warcraft expansion-Legion. We admit that it feels like it was only recently that the previous expansion was announced, and in case that pace wasn’t fast enough for you, you might be interested to learn that Blizzard apparently has the next expansion already planned.

This was revealed by World of Warcraft’s lead designer Tom Chilton in an interview with the folks at GameSpot last week. According to Chilton, he was quoted as saying, “It is crazy that we’re this far along.” He went on to reveal that, “We do have more expansion packs planned already.”

However apart from admitting that they had more expansions planned, Chilton unsurprisingly did not give much details away. That being said we have to wonder if this sudden rush at creating expansions has anything to do with the World of Warcraft subscriber numbers which has been declining rather rapidly.

Just recently the official numbers were revealed at the subscriber base was sitting at around 5.6 million, representing an all time low in the past few years. In fact the game lost a whopping 1.5 million players in the course of 3 months, so it would almost seem like the expansions would be a desperate grab at the attention of players, so it remains to be seen if the new expansions will help rejuvenate the game or if it is simply a band-aid.  Buy cheap wow gold online

World of Warcraft: Legion is announced

Blizzard took to the stage today to announce the latest expansion in the world of Warcraft saga. World of Warcraft: Legion is the next part in the story and it’s set to be the largest demonic invasion of Azeroth to date. Packed with a tonne of new features this certainly appears to be an expansion that has listened to a lot of concerns voiced by players on the forums.

Firstly the level cap moves up another 10 levels to 110 and players will quest towards that new cap on a brand new continent, The Broken Isles. The once home of druids and night elves serves as the backdrop to the story and we’ll be seeing plenty of references to those in the bones of the landscape. Players will begin the new expansion by founding new class halls, these are areas specific to each class and will not only serve as the headquarters for the revised follower system but will also be the home of class specific quest lines and the path to gaining a class specific artifact weapon. Artifact weapons are unique to each class and have the ability to evolve through a talent system and also have unlockable skins and appearances. Some examples of these are Ashbringer for Paladins and Doomhammer for the Shaman amongst us. There is a complete overhaul on the honour system as well. Currency based honour will be a thing of the past and a style of generating honour will be more familiar to those who have played Call of Duty as it is a Prestige system. The crowd pleaser for the reveal was of course the announcement of the new playable hero class, the Demon Hunter. A class that players, myself included, have been screaming out for since we first saw Illidan Stormrage wielding his warglaives.

Over the next day or two I’ll be going into more details about the specifics for each of the new announcements so stay tuned to keep up to date, but for now, sit back and enjoy the reveal trailer!    Buy cheap wow gold online

FIFA 16: Players Who Will Be Overrated

Fifa 16 ps3 coins   It’s the final countdown. The Premier League season is upon us, and soon our pre-season hopes and dreams will be smashed into the ground. Title ambitions will be cast aside on the first day, relegation worries will be quelled with a single win, and new players will be lauded as successes or failures after a single 90 minute spell of half-fit football action.

EA Sports have the near impossible task of predicting just how good every single player will be throughout the season for FIFA 16. While they have the huge advantage of being able to update player ratings based on weekly form, the base ranking has to be near perfect, particularly for fans of those teams who won’t enjoy the benefits of EA Matchday form.

FIFA 16’s production team have to decide whether one-hit wonders deserve a tremendous rating, and whether big money players have what it takes to impress at their new clubs. It’s a thankless task knowing that even if you appease millions of people, you’re probably upsetting twice as many in the process.

So who are the overrated stars of tomorrow? Here are the top 10 candidates to be ‘optimistically’ rated on FIFA 16.     Fifa 16 xbox coins