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FIFA 16 Team of the Week Features Firmino, Gundogan, More

Team of the Week for the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 16 is ready to deliver a new installment, allowing fans of the mode to get access to a number of new players who can be used to augment any first eleven, including Roberto Firmino, who led the attack for Liverpool in their entertaining 5 to 4 win against Norwich.

All of them have been selected based on their performances in matches that took part over the weekend as the football simulation tries to stay as close as possible to the action of real-world football.

The attacking line of the Team of the Week is centered on Firmino, the up and coming Brazil star, who gets support from Valencia.

The midfield is very important in FIFA 16 and the five-man line if made up of Meier, Gundogan, Candreva, Guardado and Matuidi, who offer plenty of options when it comes to both defensive and offensive phases.

When it comes to defensive action, fans of the Ultimate Team mode can get access to Rodriguez, Fabio Coentrao and Van der Wiel.

The goalkeeper selected by EA Sports is Mandanda.

The Team of the Week features seven substitutes that gamers will be able to use to plug weak spots on their team or to simply move to the transfer market to get the funds required to get access to another superstar.

Since FIFA 16 was launched, EA Sports is adding another five players to the normal package so that gamers have even more options when it comes to team building, especially in the semi-random Draft experience that this installment in the series added to Ultimate Team.

Leak Suggests New Wardrobe Tab for Looted Items in Legion Expansion

A new leak regarding the “Legion” expansion pack for “World of Warcraft” indicated that the upcoming game will come with a new wardrobe tab. According to sources, the leaked images came from the beta version of the game.

Unfortunately, the clip showing off the new feature has already been removed. But according to Kotaku, which was able to capture screenshots from the video, the new feature will make it easier for gamers to manage their collected items.

As explained by the gaming new site, the wardrobe tab displays the player’s character alongside the looted items such as clothes and armor. Through this new section, gamers will no longer have to store their cosmetic items in the game’s Void Storage. It will also give them a bigger space for all of the low-level items that they will come across in their digital journey.

But, as the site noted, the wardrobe tab, along with the other new features of the expansion pack, were first unveiled during the beta tests for the game. In other words, developer Blizzard Entertainment could still change these or completely remove them from “Legion”.

The upcoming “Expansion” pack does not yet have an official release date, but the studio is targeting to debut it sometime during the second or third quarter of this year. It will only be available for the Microsoft Windows and OS X platforms once it comes out.

Teenager accidentally racks up $7,600 bill on FIFA microtransactions


A Canadian teenager has racked up a bill of almost $8,000 on his parent’s credit card after accidentally making a series of in-game purchases in FIFA.

The father of the 17-year old claims that his son didn’t realise “he was being charged for every transaction” on his Xbox until the bill for $7,625.88 (£3697) arrived two days before Christmas, with the amount leaving both him and his son shocked.

“It floored me. Literally floored me, when I’d seen what I was being charged,” father Lance Perkins said.

“He thought it was a one-time fee for the game. He’s just as sick as I am, because he never believed he was being charged for every transaction, or every time he went onto the game.”

FIFA offers users the option to buy additional players for their Ultimate Team squad by spending FIFA Points, an in-game currency purchased by using real money. FIFA Points are available to purchase in varying quantities, with prices ranging between £1.99 and £79.99.

Parents do, however, have the option to prevent unauthorised purchases via the console’s built-in parental controls.Cheap FIFA 16 Coins

EA Sports To Release FIFA 16 Team Of The Year On January 11

EA Sports will be releasing the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team of the Year on January 11 during the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala in Zurich.

Although the obvious winner of the Ballon d’Or has already being leaked, EA will let us know who the best defenders, forwards, midfielders and goalkeeper in the world was last year.

EA will be releasing special blue In-Form Player cards in FIFA Ultimate Team for all the players listed in the FUT Team of the Year.

This is the most excited time of the year to play FIFA because some of the top rated players will see their stats peaked at the highest possible. So we could see some obvious names like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo stats going up to 97 or 98 which is insane.

EA will be releasing Goalkeepers and Defenders on January 11 with midfielders and forwards will be releasing during the week.