A Look at Guild Wars 2 Move to F2P

With the first expansion to Guild Wars 2, Heart of Thorns, coming out next month, the core game has been officially made available for all players absolutely free. This change comes by opening the entire game, with nothing to buy in order to experience all of the game’s content, bringing it to the top tier of F2P games. With this large change, the game has been given a refreshed community, as well as some changes going forward in regards to updates and new features coming to it.

The change to a F2P model has brought Guild Wars 2 a lot of new players. Those that were playing during the free weeks/weekends and those that were wanting to give it a try but just weren’t sure are all able to play everything from beginning to end with no cost. It’s easy enough to see the boost of populations in most areas of the game, whether you’re out questing, joining sPvP, or even taking part in some WvW combat-all around, it’s a lot more lively than it was prior, and this helps bring about new people to play with and tackle challenges with.

In the sense of GW2, these limitations really aren’t bad. You usually won’t be spamming people with PMs, so that’s not an issue. Character slots and inventory slots are rectified by multi-accounting. The only real limitation on those would be the ability to trade gold for gems on the exchange, which disallows for snagging cash shop items without having to pony up cash to do so. Past that, aside from minor quirks, it shouldn’t be an issue for the vast majority of players.

As for the level limitations, these are all easy enough to hit, and they help with exploring more of the game. If nothing else, consider them as part of “gating” content so that you unlock new things as you continue to progress. And also note that once you have hit level 60 and have a level 20 PvP rank, you’re officially allowed to do everything everything the game has to offer, with no further limitations!         Buy Cheap GW2 Gold Online