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Last year’s footballing jamboree brought in a raft of new features aimed at making it more accessible and welcoming, with a training mode (showing which buttons to press in certain situations) and women’s teams for the first time (just 12 of them to begin with, but it’s a start).

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EA tends to keep its cards close to its chest about upcoming features until E3, when we should see the first trailer and hear some of the new features incoming, but along with the usual mix of “better AI” and “improved realism” – both of which are exceptionally hard to quantify – what should we expect?

Well, if you believe someone who has reviewed every FIFA game for the last six years running, FIFA 17 is going to put a lot more value on player pace again. Or, to quote Jack Arnott’s review of FIFA 16 on Eurogamer:In FIFA 11, pace was overpowered. In FIFA 12, pace was nerfed. In FIFA 13, pace was overpowered. In FIFA 14, pace was nerfed. In FIFA 15, pace was overpowered.” To me, that’s personally bad news, as pace just ruined the Ultimate Team experience – every opponent was just a random collection of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyangs, Theo Walcotts and Loic Remys – but your mileage may vary.

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