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The Elder Scrolls Online with the New Life Festival

The New Life Festival celebrates the death of the old year, and the birth of the new, so it’s a holiday of hope and new beginnings. It also marks the Winter Solstice, when Magnus the Sun begins his return, and the days once more start to grow longer.

The Elder Scrolls Online community will be able to spend some happy times spreading good holiday cheer when the New Life Festival launches in game on Thursday, December 14th. It is scheduled to run through Tuesday, January 2nd and offers players a chance to acquire a sweet, sweet XP boost. In addition, nine festive daily quests will be offered up to earn Festival Gift Boxes that can contain any number of cool rewards. There are new achievements to unlock and much more. And if you want to buy some eso gold, please come to our site –, full stock, fast delivery, our customer service is 24 / 7 online.

Celebrate the end of another fantastic year in The Elder Scrolls Online with the New Life Festival. This merry event returns with a host of fun quests and festive holiday rewards for all. Find out below how you can celebrate New Life with us and earn free XP-boosting collectibles, acquire style materials and pages, unlock unique furnishings, and more!

The New Life Festival celebrates the death of the old year, and the birth of the new, so it’s a holiday of hope and new beginnings. It also marks the Winter Solstice, when Magnus the Sun begins his return, and the days once more start to grow longer.

FIFA 16: Players With The Best Dribbling

FIFA 16 is all about scoring and creating scoring opportunities but there are many stars who can simply make a play out of nothing. The list features many popular names, so you have probably faced them in Career Mode or Ultimate Team. Here are the players who can confuse defenders and impress the crowd with their moves:

Luka Modric (Real Madrid)
He has an 87 rating on FIFA 16, so him being on this list is not surprising at all. The Real Madrid star has four out of five stars for skill moves and the same for weak foot.

Andres Iniesta (Barcelona)
Barcelona’s roster has Messi, Suarez, Neymar and many other stars. But Iniesta is one of the players known for creating scoring opportunities and helping his team when they need a goal the most.

Sergio Aguero (Manchester City)
Aguero is a goal scoring machine and it can be very difficult for defenders to stop him. He is fast and has the moves to confuse even the best defenders.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
The Real Madrid star is known for his great plays and ability to get away from one or two defenders. His FIFA 16 stats make him a starter on any team.

Neymar (Barcelona)
Neymar is one of the best when it comes to making moves and creating scoring opportunities. In FIFA 16, he has 90 pace, 92 dribbling and five stars on weak foot and skill moves.

Robben (Bayern Munich)
Robben is one of the best on this category and it is easy to see why. He has 92 pace and dribbling and four star skill moves.

Eden Hazard (Chelsea)
Hazard was part of Chelsea’s great campaign last year. The team has not done well throughout this season but Hazard is still a player than can turn a game around with his moves.

Messi (Barcelona)
We all know what Messi can do. The Barcelona star has the highest dribbling at 95 and also has 92 pace.

Activision Blizzard Shows Off WOW Dungeon Run on Twitch

Activision Blizzard recently showed off on Twitch a dungeon run for Alpha of their new World of Warcraft expansion called ‘Legion’. Legion is the sixth expansion of the most popular MMORPG in North America and it will follow the footsteps of controversial expansion Warlords of Draenor.

According to Battle Net two teams of WOW streamers composed of top players and YouTubers ran two dungeons of the Legion Alpha. The dungeons were Maw of Souls and Halls of Valor. The official Warcraft Twitch channel has a recording of the February 11 exhibition Dungeon Race between Europe and North America. Europe is composed of Fat Boss TV’s Treckie, Bellular, Qelric, Loz, and Alex. While Towelliee, Killars, Monkioh, Tattva, and Tov of Line of Sight Gaming composed North America.

Towelliee of North America showcased the new Vengeance Demon Hunter. The Dungeon run is under the World of Warcraft Legion Alpha to help showcase the game itself and the skills of participants.

The streamers who raced through it during the live Twitch session showed the bosses and the tactics that can be used against them. The stream ended with the defeat of the tentacled female final boss. The team from Europe emerged as the victor with a time of 17:22:06.

The World of Warcraft Legion expansion is expected to come out on or before September 21st, 2016 and will cost $49.99. The expansion will include pre-purchase bonuses from level boosts to early access for new classes.

Leak Suggests New Wardrobe Tab for Looted Items in Legion Expansion

A new leak regarding the “Legion” expansion pack for “World of Warcraft” indicated that the upcoming game will come with a new wardrobe tab. According to sources, the leaked images came from the beta version of the game.

Unfortunately, the clip showing off the new feature has already been removed. But according to Kotaku, which was able to capture screenshots from the video, the new feature will make it easier for gamers to manage their collected items.

As explained by the gaming new site, the wardrobe tab displays the player’s character alongside the looted items such as clothes and armor. Through this new section, gamers will no longer have to store their cosmetic items in the game’s Void Storage. It will also give them a bigger space for all of the low-level items that they will come across in their digital journey.

But, as the site noted, the wardrobe tab, along with the other new features of the expansion pack, were first unveiled during the beta tests for the game. In other words, developer Blizzard Entertainment could still change these or completely remove them from “Legion”.

The upcoming “Expansion” pack does not yet have an official release date, but the studio is targeting to debut it sometime during the second or third quarter of this year. It will only be available for the Microsoft Windows and OS X platforms once it comes out.

World Of Warcraft: Legion’s First Dungeon Revealed

The alpha test for World of Warcraft: Legion has been updated with its first dungeon, Halls of Valor. This dungeon should give remind veterans of the old Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

Do you remember the vrykul, those Norse-themed warriors you fought in Northrend? Well, Halls of Valor is a fortress in the sky above Stormheim where the greatest of the vrykul warriors go after death. There’s a good reason for players to disrupt their little Valhalla, though. God-King Skovald and his forces have invaded the hall to recover a powerful artifact for the Burning Legion that will help them take over Azeroth.

There are five bosses through the Halls of Valor. In addition to fighting Skovald and his minions, players will also face down the Titan Odyn, who has fallen victim to a cursed. Blizzard also included a fight against a giant wolf in there for good measure.

The last fight looks like a lot of fun. Players are tagged with colored brands that damage them over time and they have to run to the corresponding tile on the ground to remove the effect. Doing so turns the player into a Val’kyr (ie a giant viking angel thing) for a little while and gives them a huge boost to healing and damage. You’ll need that buff because Odyn is constantly tossing Holy damage around and summoning minions.

Legion’s alpha test launched about a week ago. It’s mostly limited to friends and family of Blizzard employees. Those lucky few are able to try out small chunks of the expansion pack including the new Demon Hunter class. Blizzard will follow up on this closed alpha with a larger beta test closer to the expansion’s launch next year.  Buy cheap wow gold

World of Warcraft Update: DLC Pack Now Available For Pre-Order

Buy cheap wow gold  “World of Warcraft: Legion,” titled as the expansion pack for “World of Warcraft” is now available for pre-order, which will be released on Sept. 21, 2016.

With the Tomb of Sargeras reopened in this season, legion will face Azeroth emerging as new threat. The demons are laying waste in the world with a sole aim of destroying Azeroth. They summon as the Dark Titan to accomplish this task.

There is no one to take care of Burning legion and Dark Titan becoming powerful, it is now the duty of hero to save Azeroth from this threat.

Demon Hunter is a new game in class included in the Legion series. Demon hunters are a team if eleven members focused towards protecting the powers of Legion. They rely on their sight they receive through magical powers and this lets them to even see enemies who are hiding.

These Demon hunters also have power to attain new form through the process of Metamorphosis. They are agile allowing them an option to double jump or even attack enemies in double speed and power.

The new season will also witness addition of some new weapons such as two handed sword, two handed Axe maw, the hunter Bow, Staff of the mists among others.

“World of Warcraft: Legion”standard edition is priced at $49.00 that can now be pre-ordered. The deluxe edition is priced at $69.99, along with various other benefits and bonuses. All the clients who pre-order the series will be provided with an additional bonus.

Major Transmogrification Changes Coming To World Of Warcraft

One of the finer aspects of World of Warcraft is the game’s transmogrification system. This system lets players collect gear and use its appearance instead of the look that their current stat gear would provide. Most weapons and armor can be used for transmogrification purposes, and many players enjoy completing old dungeons and raids in hopes of finding the perfect top or matching gloves.

In its current state, players must keep each piece of gear that they want to use for transmogrification. When the feature launched in World of Warcraft, players had the option to purchase Void Storage space. This banking alternative let players store several pieces of gear and remove it from the store for a price, specifically for use with the transmogrification system. At first, players had to pull a piece out of the Void Storage in order to use its appearance, but later, gear in the Void Storage was usable in transmogrification without being removed.

Although Void Storage is large and a second tab of storage is now available, many players bemoan about their full bags and banks. With five expansions worth of weapons and armor to collect, players find themselves wanting to keep a plethora of items for all their cosmetic needs. Now, the sixth World of Warcraft expansion is on its way, and luckily, it is completely changing the way transmogrification works.

During the World of Warcraft Systems Panel at this year’s BlizzCon, Blizzard developers detailed the welcome and dramatic changes to the transmogrification aspect of the game. The “Transmogrify 2.0” changes are planned to give players a chance to clean up their banks and inventories while retaining all the looks World of Warcraft has to offer. The new system will let players add items to their Wardrobe, a menu with collected appearances, rather than having to keep each piece of gear in a bank or bag. Not to mention, as WoWhead reported, this new system is account wide.

Players will be able to loot an item, and once the piece of gear is bound to the player, the appearance is learned and unlocked in the player’s Wardrobe. The item can then be trashed or sold because its appearance is forever collected within the Wardrobe. Additionally, three new transmoggable slots will be included in the system. Shirts, weapons enchantments, and tabards will utilize the transmogrification system when Legion launches.  Buy cheap wow gold

World Of Warcraft Update: Patch 6.2.3 Brings Back Valor Points Drudgery

Blizzard is yet to announce its final schedule for the upcoming BlizzCon 2015 event that will be held next month. Meanwhile the Legion release date is far from what others may have expected because of World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.3.

From the previous ISchoolGuide report, developers plans to create a patch for Warlords of Draenor. The Patch 6.2.3 aims to expand Warlords of Draenor before the Legions will be released. Today, the developers announced on what gamers could expect from the patch.

The Patch 6.2.3 will import back the Valor Points cap to the game, according to Cinema Blend. Valor Points can be used in upgrading gear like spending 250 valor to improve a gear by 5 levels. Also, valor points can be spent with the upgrades of crafted items and loots from dungeons like Hellfire Citadel.

Also, there will be a difference with the Patch 6.2.3 from its past patches. Valor points are no longer capable of buying new gear entirely “because item upgrades offer power that complements items from other sources rather than competing with them.”

Another complaint of players is that they are not being awarded with Valor points with the difficulty levels than the Raid Finder.

However, one of the game designers named Watcher replied “The focus of the patch is on dungeon content,” pointing out those players should “revisit content that you may not have had much reason to do in a while, rather than just providing an extra reward for continuing your existing routine.”

Valor points is one of the features of World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.3. It also includes Mythic raids and Cataclysm Timewalking.  Sell cheap wow gold online

World of Warcraft news: Legion update and Blizzcon plans

Buy Cheap Wow Gold    The latest expansion to World of Warcraft will add a new Demon Hunter class, as well as fresh foes to fight.

However, Blizzard also have plenty of updates planned for the game before that kicks off, revealing today what is included in the soon-to-be launched Patch 6.2.3.

Blizzard are also planning an excursion back in time to allow fans to face dungeons from Cataclysm, including Grim Batol, Stonecore, Lost City of Tol’vir, The Vortex Pinnacle and Throne of Tides, while the Pit of Saron will be added to the Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking bonus event.

WoW developers have also confirmed that players will have the chance to loot a rare Infinite Timereaver mount from any Timewalking boss.

Other news from this week includes an added bonus for users brave enough to face the fearsome might of Archimonde on Heroic difficulty or higher.

Those who triumph will be awarded a mysterious fragment of dark power that begins a quest.

Blizzard confirmed: “When you bring this fragment to the druids of Moonglade, you’ll learn a little more about what’s in store for Azeroth, and the druids will give you a majestic Grove Warden mount in thanks for your efforts.

Blizzcon 2015’s Friday and Saturday schedule has been unveiled, showing the rundown for WoW, Hearthstone, StarCraft 2, Diablo 3 and Heroes of the Storm.

More information on Overwatch is also expected, with two hours dedicated to the game over the two day event.

World of Warcraft, meanwhile, will focus heavily on the Legion expansion pack and include over four hours of presentations.

World of Warcraft: Expansion Game To Feature Major Changes

Buy cheap wow gold    “World of Warcraft: Legion” is anticipated to be the expansion that Blizzard needs to rekindle its fans’ flagging interest in the game.

Based on the latest “World of Warcraft: Legion” reveal trailer, Blizzard seems to be pulling out all the stops to ensure that old and new players will get their hands on the latest incarnation of the popular online multiplayer game, Neoseeker reported.

If Blizzard manages to pull all of these off, the company may be able to breathe new life into its franchise game which has seen its subscriber base significantly dwindle over the years.

The game developer’s calculated build-up leading to the release of “World of Warcraft: Legion” seems to indicate that it has already learned from the mistakes it made in the development of the “Warlords of Draenor.”

However, the big reveal that has created a major buzz especially among long-time players is the removal of multistrike from the game.

This is considered a crucial development in “World of Warcraft: Legion,” as the elimination of the secondary attribute would result to major class overhauls that would affect Blood Death Knights, Subtlety Rogues, Holy Priests, Survival Hunters, and Elemental Shamans.

Moreover, a lot of specs will be getting a make-over wherein long-time players will have to relearn everything about their main when they get the game’s pre-patch.

Although no release date has been set “World of Warcraft: Legion,” the game is expected to be a hit among fans who have long been waiting for the game to make a strong comeback.