EA Sports FIFA 16: Best Soccer Simulation of All Time?

Sports FIFA 15 was the definitive soccer simulation on Sony Corps (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Corps (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox One. While FIFA 14 introduced the Ignite Engine, it was FIFA 15 that perfected it.

FIFA 15 was a step in the right direction for EA. On current-gen consoles, the differences were apparent compared to last-gen consoles, from graphics to gameplay. One of the coolest things about FIFA 15 was the introduction of authentic Barclays Premier League television graphics; as well as authentic recreation of all 20 stadiums.

Another interesting improvement was Emotional Intelligence. Players are expected to react to near misses, dramatic goal saves, and this would get really intense in the dying minutes in a match that was tied on goals. If you scored a goal, you are likely to witness 10-man celebrations, which were perhaps never seen in previous games.

Shooting required more precision, and goalkeepers even got much smarter. Now you could emulate the Special One Jose Mourinho and command your squad to Park the Bus, as an additional tactic. On the flip side, an All-Out Attack was also introduced tactically. Career mode, especially if you are a manager; introduced better ways of scouting talent and improved menus. You can set up five different team sheets, and the team management screen got a much-needed overhaul.

Can EA Top The Highly Successful FIFA 15?

Considering all the improvements in FIFA 15, it wont be surprising if FIFA 16 becomes the best soccer simulation ever. While every game gets us closer to emulating Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo; FIFA 16 is expected to perfect it. Players movements, emotions, and style are all likely to be more authentic. Their reactions to different moments are expected to be as realistic as possible. For example, Ronaldos reaction after scoring a penalty and taking off his shirt to flex his muscles; and six-pack abs in a match that was already won.

Another would be Messis reaction after scoring two goals against Bayern Munich; in the last 20 minutes of a stalemate game in a UEFA Champions League Match. The Champions League license is not with EA Sports, but you get the picture.

Another thing we feel needs to be introduced is the role of managers in kick-off online, or career mode. While in career mode, we as managers, make decisions on and off the field, this should apply in regular kick-off matches. What we mean to say is that as players are recreated for authenticity, managers should now get the same treatment. It would be lovely to see Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, or Louis Van Gaal recreated along with their emotions and reactions during the game.

Something similar was seen in FIFA World Cup 2010, but not as fleshed out. It was a taste of what could be proper manager animations.

This way, managers are as much part of the game as the players. We are likely to see them argue with referees, leave the ground before full time, or refuse to talk to the press. All these things are expected to add realism, because in todays soccer, managers are as important to clubs as players. While watching any league match, whether its the Premier League or La Liga, managers are almost always animated, especially during high pressure ties.