The extreme market crash is happening people, EA has done it again, this time by having a phenomenal team of the week, led by none other than Cristiano Ronaldo. This is no ordinary Ronaldo though, it’s a record breaker Ronaldo who is also a striker….A STRIKER. The last time a striker Ronaldo was released, he went for 15 million coins for about 5 days, now with price caps, he still might go over the range of 15 million.

Ronaldo’s card looks phenomenal and now becomes the best player in the game, because of his natural striker position he gets full chemistry, and links with both Neymar and Bale perfectly.

He’s not the only amazing card this week though, we have the young Luis Suarez up front as an in form that looks to be the second best card in the game, he’s become thew new Ibrahimovic, only better. Amazing stats across the board, and his teammate Dani Alves also has a great card, there aren’t many good right backs in the game, and Dani Alves’ inform may be the best one aside from Lahm’s ToTY card. Other solid cards that will be underrated are Diego’s who looks solid, and Clint Dempsey’s who is now the best MLS player in the game.

Get ready for the market crash, because everyone is opening packs!