FIFA 16: Players Who Will Be Overrated

Fifa 16 ps3 coins   It’s the final countdown. The Premier League season is upon us, and soon our pre-season hopes and dreams will be smashed into the ground. Title ambitions will be cast aside on the first day, relegation worries will be quelled with a single win, and new players will be lauded as successes or failures after a single 90 minute spell of half-fit football action.

EA Sports have the near impossible task of predicting just how good every single player will be throughout the season for FIFA 16. While they have the huge advantage of being able to update player ratings based on weekly form, the base ranking has to be near perfect, particularly for fans of those teams who won’t enjoy the benefits of EA Matchday form.

FIFA 16’s production team have to decide whether one-hit wonders deserve a tremendous rating, and whether big money players have what it takes to impress at their new clubs. It’s a thankless task knowing that even if you appease millions of people, you’re probably upsetting twice as many in the process.

So who are the overrated stars of tomorrow? Here are the top 10 candidates to be ‘optimistically’ rated on FIFA 16.     Fifa 16 xbox coins