FIFA 16 Team Mode Explained

FIFA 16 has arrived with splendid reviews. Among one of the new features praised is the   (FUT) mode where players are given cards at random from digital booster packs and they must use what they’re give to form teams. Teams assembled can be used to enter a few competitions and contend for a championship which then earns them coins to continue constructing their team. Impatient folks can just pay real money to get ahead, but let’s not get into that.

FUT mode necessitates constant internet connectivity though it is not mandatory to go up against others online. This is because several features in that mode is only accessible online. Hooray EA, you schmucks.

The thing with FUT mode is that it is not a matter of progressing to a stage of amassing star-studded players. That aspect of the game is banal and frankly hardly exciting. Players in a team must have that click, the right chemistry to work together optimally. So some consideration is required, which is cool.

A variant of the FUT mode is FUT Draft, where players form a team using random golden players. Like the normal FUT mode, drafted teams can participate in tourneys to win stuff. Chemistry, in this case, is also imperative. But FUT Draft isn’t just there for the taking; players have to splash 15,000 gold coins to get in.  Fifa 16 ps3 coins