‘Guild Wars 2’ Gameplay Improved With Updates

In the game’s official website, the developers have introduced new updates to improve the “Guild Wars 2” gameplay experience. The Lion’s Arch has been rebuilt and has “bounced back from Scarlet Briar’s attack.” It will be the game’s center of commerce and culture once again.

New items are also featured in the “Guild Wars 2” gameplay update. The White Feather Wings backpack is a new back-item skin. The Gallant Weapon set are perfect for the most skilled combatant, with a classic style.

“In our reveal of ‘Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns,’ we told you that specializations are our way of giving existing professions new skills and traits,” ArenaNet wrote on the game’s website. “Specializations are actually a much bigger addition that will have an impact on both new and existing skills and traits.”

In Specializations, players can select nine major traits instead of seven plus three grandmaster traits. Each trait evokes more impact and creates more defining and meaningful builds. The unlock system is now more user-friendly and simpler for players with multiple characters.

Each profession will have five core specializations while each core specialization will have three minor traits. Profession reward tracks make up the new unlock system and is made up of packages of skills, traits, specializations and items. Hero Points will be limited and will be earned only through skill or hero challenges.

Fans were outraged over ArenaNet’s expansion packages. According to IGN, the cheapest version of “Guild of Wars 2: Heart of Thorns” comes with a copy of the core title. While this may be a good deal for new players, seasoned players were confused as to why they had to rebuy the game.