‘Guild Wars 2’ Heart of Thorns new mode review: Features adventure mode

Something new is coming to “Guild Wars 2”-the Adventure Mode. This new mode is a set of single-adventurer events wherein the player must complete an event against the clock. This would then make for a fast-paced event, packed with more action, where the player must actively use his skills to win an event. This new mode is officially called “Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.”

These events, or Adventures as they are called, pit players as they go meet up certain challenges. Although the game certainly has its share of obstacles, like jumping puzzles and the like, the developers saw that they weren’t enough in creating player interaction and that they didn’t have enough replay value.

What they came up with is the Adventure Mode, wherein there are Adventures and players join them to hone their skills. To participate, players must use the Mastery system, along with their skills in meeting the challenges within the Adventures.

An example of an adventure is when a ship runs aground and the survivors are left on an island. The survivors make practice dummies out of their clothes for them to hone their targeting skills. A player is given a rifle plus a small amount of ammunition. To win this adventure, the player must shoot as many dummies as possible before the time runs out.

Each Adventure is a battle of the player against himself; he does not compete with others. Although there are leaderboards, the scores there are for bragging rights and to allow for interaction. It does not mean that there is direct interaction between players in an Adventure. Each Adventure then has its own leaderboard.

Of course, having a leaderboard will still mean a competition of some sort between players, even if it’s not a direct competition or that there would be PvP of some sort. It would be interesting how having a leaderboard will play out in the new premise of the game, as well how it will facilitate interaction between players, even though each Adventure would be like a mini solo game.-GW2 Gold online sale