Guild Wars 2 Stronghold PvP Public Beta Now Live

This stronghold test includes several additions and tweaks from its first run, including map changes, adjustments to the rules, stronger guards, and even a “devastating” new attack by the stronghold’s lord.

Map Changes
A number of crates/boxes have been added inside the strongholds around the lord gate to provide opportunities for line-of-sighting.
Made a number of terrain changes.
Realigned the trebuchets to be able to hit the “Mist Essence” summoning areas.

Lord Updates
You can no longer resurrect the lord after the match ends.

You can no longer kill the enemy lord after the match ends.

When an opposing team’s lord is defeated, the winning team’s lord will now celebrate the victory with a cheer.
New skill: The lord will now execute an attack that pulls nearby enemies in, knocks them down, and then does a devastating 360 degree spin. Don’t let it hit you.

Lord Room Defending NPCs
The locations for the defending NPCs in each stronghold are now identical.
The defending NPCs in each stronghold have had their health increased by 10%.

Stronghold Guards
One set of guards (between the inner and outer gate) have been removed for a total of 4 guards.

Mist Essence
Mist Champions now spawn at the following minute marks: 12:00, 9:00, 6:00, and 3:00.
The 12:00 Mist Essence will now spawn nearest to the side that is behind on score.