Major Transmogrification Changes Coming To World Of Warcraft

One of the finer aspects of World of Warcraft is the game’s transmogrification system. This system lets players collect gear and use its appearance instead of the look that their current stat gear would provide. Most weapons and armor can be used for transmogrification purposes, and many players enjoy completing old dungeons and raids in hopes of finding the perfect top or matching gloves.

In its current state, players must keep each piece of gear that they want to use for transmogrification. When the feature launched in World of Warcraft, players had the option to purchase Void Storage space. This banking alternative let players store several pieces of gear and remove it from the store for a price, specifically for use with the transmogrification system. At first, players had to pull a piece out of the Void Storage in order to use its appearance, but later, gear in the Void Storage was usable in transmogrification without being removed.

Although Void Storage is large and a second tab of storage is now available, many players bemoan about their full bags and banks. With five expansions worth of weapons and armor to collect, players find themselves wanting to keep a plethora of items for all their cosmetic needs. Now, the sixth World of Warcraft expansion is on its way, and luckily, it is completely changing the way transmogrification works.

During the World of Warcraft Systems Panel at this year’s BlizzCon, Blizzard developers detailed the welcome and dramatic changes to the transmogrification aspect of the game. The “Transmogrify 2.0” changes are planned to give players a chance to clean up their banks and inventories while retaining all the looks World of Warcraft has to offer. The new system will let players add items to their Wardrobe, a menu with collected appearances, rather than having to keep each piece of gear in a bank or bag. Not to mention, as WoWhead reported, this new system is account wide.

Players will be able to loot an item, and once the piece of gear is bound to the player, the appearance is learned and unlocked in the player’s Wardrobe. The item can then be trashed or sold because its appearance is forever collected within the Wardrobe. Additionally, three new transmoggable slots will be included in the system. Shirts, weapons enchantments, and tabards will utilize the transmogrification system when Legion launches. ¬†Buy cheap wow gold