NBA Live 18 Release Date, Game News: Players Can Set Up Career In Basketball

Electronic art has just revealed, “NBA Live 18” will use the game mode, so that players in the street or league basketball to establish their own career. At the same time, the game’s presentation is expected to arrive in August.

“NBA Live 18” is one of the latest features of the game story “The One”. On the official website of the game, The One is described as follows: “Your path is defined by the freedom you choose, what do you want, what you want, where do you earn respect in the street? “The league” in the ring.

“The One” is mainly about the virtual sense of creating a basketball career, “The One” in order to achieve the goal to give a wide range of choices. On the one hand, they can choose to play street basketball or join the league, and the most familiar in the United States sports venues and arena play.

Another good saying is that the developers in the promotional video explained: “You earn respect in the street and you earn in the league as important as the ring.

When players choose to play in the league, they will have to build their own career as a professional basketball player in real life – working hard in the NBA.

However, even more interesting is that if they choose to play street basketball, players will try to climb through the outstanding performance in the street. According to the same trailer, “NBA Live 18” players will be in the United States the most famous street basketball court in the NBA star staged.

As the player characters continue to play, they will improve their basketball skills. With their progress, they will unlock exclusive basketball items such as quality shoes.

“NBA Live 18” free game demo will be played in August on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Once they have purchased the full title, the participating players can make any progress in the actual game.

EA has not yet released “NBA Live 18’s” release date.