NBA Live 18’s Performance Will Not Tell The Demo To Get A Second Chance Again

When the NBA Live opened its part of yesterday’s EA Play keynote, I almost groaned. Are they dribbling again? In the 2013 E3 season, EA Sports led by NBA Live 14, the last time the game from the sudden cancellation of recovery.

NBA Live in 2013 E3 is essentially so lacking, but in November the game seems to have no surprise, there is a shock, so that players are confused, or even lack of practice mode of the basic facilities. Yesterday, NBA Live in the game machine to obtain an unexpected sign of life, which is more than a year for the first time.

O’Brien’s speech seems to acknowledge that this series has been exhausted with the audience. If there is hope to be taken seriously, NBA Live had to show the specific content to be delivered. It did it. Let their utility and execution be judged later, but in the end there is a double bar, the concept of movement and dribbling, this series since the fate of the bad NBA elite 11 since want to achieve, never completely off.

O’Brien promised a free presentation in August; it was a big promise. EA Sports must know if they miss this date and they will be judged strictly. And then there is a new professional model of interpretation, which seems to take advantage of the last launch in 2015 Pro-Am mode.

All of which are painted in the game. The 2013 presentation is nothing in the game.

It is fair to say that this is a game that has more than a year, built again, and in the past is almost nothing meaningful: a cancellation and a completely incomplete product. In addition to the franchise until the beginning of the things, NBA 2K or a competitor. Even if “The One” performs its vision of yesterday’s show, NBA Live 18’s career model is still much smaller than the NBA 2K MyPlayer suite, which also includes pickup games and has been in story mode since 2013.

But EA Sports 2017 is not EA done. This is what they did not do. No commitment, no just trust us, no player face close-up or trailer, less than the title card. There is no premature cover of the stars announcement. Tell and do not show the kind of thing.

In fact, in addition to my openly questioned routine commitment to return to the game machine, I do not think anything else is heard between February and yesterday.