See what World of Warcraft looked like when it was a Warcraft 3 mod

Game development history buffs, take note: A Blizzard employee took time this week to publish a number of images chronicling the development of World of Warcraft that shed some light on the origins of a game that changed the face of MMORPG design.

With help from company curator Dana Bishop and Blizzard’s in-house museum team, Blizzard staffer Dave Wilson took to Twitter on Sunday to post 20 annotated images showcasing everything from how the game was initially prototyped in the Warcraft 3 engine around 1999 to how it was finally shipped in 2004 by a team of 60.

One of his Twitter followers used Storify to collect Wilson’s outpouring into an easily readable list, and it’s absolutely worth your time to check out. We’ve also taken the liberty of republishing a few below.

For further insight into the game’s impact on the game industry, have a look back at these insightful 2014 reflections on ten years of World of Warcraft from veteran MMO game designers Laralyn McWilliams and Raph Koster.