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World of Warcraft: Legion New Features is Announced

World of Warcraft: Legion is one of the most awaited strategy games that the generation is to come across. Senior game designer Jonathan LeCraft disclosed some of the important additions that will be useful for the fans who are expecting a lot from the upcoming expansion pack.

It was delivered by Youth Health Mag that most class specializations will be refurbished accordingly due to the changes that Blizzard will make to specify the traits of which the game will be undergoing. As some classifications will be perhaps renamed, so will other resources for the said classifications.

Interestingly enough, the Shadow Priests will have a feature named “Insanity” for their resource. This, however, does not signify the replacement of mana for the Shadow Priests entirely.

For the weapons, it was confirmed that they cannot be dropped. Blacksmiths and scribes will not have new weapons to create as well. Damage-only classes will be unable to heal or have tank specialties.

Lastly, the multistrike feature is omitted from the system, whilst other stats are being changed fully. Moreover, Survival Hunters will be melee-based, and this may stir a little controversy, the developers think that it is a wise move for diversity.

As great as World of Warcraft: Legion may sound, it still does not have a fixed release date yet to hang on to. Fans are to wait for the beta sometime this year, so stay tuned for further updates.    Buy cheap wow gold online

Arenanet Reveals New Revenant Legend, Shiro Tagachi for Guild Wars 2

Today ArenaNet revealed Shiro Tagachi as a new legend for the revenant profession coming to Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. The revenant channels legends from Guild Wars lore, affording player characters new abilities and weapons taken from Tyrian history. Long-time Guild Wars fans will recognize Shiro Tagachi from Guild Wars: Factions.

ArenaNet designer Roy Cronacher provides further detail on the dual-wielding sword weapon set and the skills specific to the Shiro legend, along with a handy wrap-up of all revenant legends, in a new blog posted on the official Guild Wars 2 website. Shiro gives the revenant more mobility with assassin-like abilities that deal physical damage. One such skill is Rift Slash, which allows players to slash foes with dual swords creating an unstable rift, damaging enemies nearby. Precision Strike is another skill that arms players with blades that they can quickly throw out to both damage and chill enemies.

ArenaNet will reveal the first in-game look at Shiro when Cronacher joins host Rubi Bayer on Points of Interest airing this Friday, July 17 at 12 p.m. PDT on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel.-Guild Wars 2 Gold Online

ArcheAge Launch Update: Capacities, Communication, and Where to Find Info

Hi everyone, we’d like to thank you all for being a part of this absolutely massive launch of ArcheAge, Huge archeage gold sale at mmobays.co.

We’ve heard from a lot of you that ArcheAge has stirred up excitement for an MMO in a way that many of you haven’t felt in a long time. When people are in and playing, we hear a lot that the game’s the great, exciting experience they were waiting for.

While it’s been great for many, it’s been uneven for others, most notably if you’re stuck waiting. (We know, we wait in the same queues you do.)

Know that we haven’t been, and won’t be, resting until the experience is great for everyone. We’ve been talking to you a lot about “patience – which has been extreme in some cases for sure.

I’d like to talk about what we’re doing to make sure that all of you can have that same kind of experience.


In an ideal world, we have all the hardware we need to host the ideal number of servers, in a way that works best for everyone. We’d strike the perfect balance between launch popularity, when everyone wants to be online 100% of the time, and the settled population of more normal play patterns that will naturally come over time.

In reality, we have to plan capacity months ahead of time, based on things like web site signups, numbers of people who play in alphas and betas, how long they play, and so on. There’s a fair amount of science that goes into it, and in general it’s pretty accurate. We then include extra for overflow, just in case we need more.

In this case, so many entirely new people showed up that we opened not just all of our launch hardware on the first day, but the overflow hardware soon after as well. Since Head Start, we’ve expanded both the number of servers and the capacity of all servers steadily. We try to let you know this both on the forums and on Twitter (@ArcheAge]) whenever this occurs.

Inside the business you’ll hear people call this “problems of success,” but make no mistake – since it negatively affects you, we remain obsessively focused on the “problem” part, not the “success” part. We treat these as high priority problems that we need to solve, as rapidly as possible.


Right. There are things going on both in and out of game to make things better:

1) Yes, more hardware is on its way to helping you! We’re still aiming to strike the balance between short and long term and we know with certainty that more hardware is needed for both. We’ve heard both the “more servers” and “no more servers” crowds, and are certain we need to take steps toward more. I’m happy to share that the next round of hardware landed with our team in Texas this morning.

While I do wish that we could violate the laws of space and time to transport physical servers instantly, and help both NA and EU simultaneously, because of the way hardware is shipped out, and factors like “customs,” there will be some delay between helping out the two regions. Do note that we’re doing everything we can to make sure that delay is as minimal as possible. (We are aiming for days, not weeks, between.)

We’ll be talking more about the details here over the coming days, in our Launch FAQ thread.

2) Note that we’ve been more aggressively sweeping AFKers, even manually when needed. For example, while we had said during beta that we were tentatively tolerant of AFK mount riding, we’d be keeping an eye out to see if it became a problem. Well, it’s officially a problem when actual players who will be playing can’t get in.

If you’re not actively playing, please do be aware that you might not be there when you get back. Of course, while we do appreciate creative justifications such as “I am merely celebrating the excitement of launch by exercising my steed in a circular pattern for an extended period of time,” those will still earn a quick trip to desktop.

We’re also going to be setting up a more aggressive AFK timer as is suited to an over-popular launch, and ensuring that there are fewer ways to get around it. Again, this is all to create the greatest opportunity to get active human beings into the game.

3) As with any launch where you get massive numbers of new players, we need great people helping out with the typical things that happen as services scale up, which is why I wanted to talk Customer Service. You have wanted to talk with them. You’ve wanted to talk with them a lot. And they really do want to help.

Trion’s CS team has already been expanded pretty massively, with scores of new people coming on board in the weeks leading up to ArcheAge’s launch. There’s a veritable dedicated army of people wanting to help. We’re also happy to announce that we’re ramping that up even more. As with all of our CS in the past, we’re continuing down the path of natively fluent CS reps in each language we service.

4) Communication is critical during launches – We do get that. I’ve personally tweeted more during this launch than I think I have since Twitter existed. We’re going to be redoubling our efforts, most notably on our forums, with even more people pitching in.

We had been trying to focus our updates into specific known locations, but that’s not having the effect that we had hoped. We need to be in more places and threads that you’re already discussing, so you can expect more of that beginning today, and in a more visibly 24/7 fashion than it might have appeared previously. We’ve been continuously working like crazy knocking down the types of launch issues one might expect, but if you don’t see evidence of it, then it’s not as helpful to you. We get that too.

ArcheAge Players Getting Refunds After Bots Make Unauthorized Purchases

Earlier this week, numerous ArcheAge players wrote in the games forums that their accounts were seeing unauthorized transactions, in some cases totalling as much as $150. Now, publisher Trion Worlds has responded, issuing a statement that explains the situation.
Let us start by saying this very clearly: Trion Worlds security has not been compromised in any way, the publisher said. There has been absolutely no breach in Trions servers.

The unauthorized transactions were the result of bots obtaining user information from other sites and then gaining access to ArcheAge accounts if the username/password combinations matched up. What happened was, unfortunately, not a new occurrence, a Trion Worlds representative said.

If players consistently use simple or repeated passwords across different online services, these bots may get access to their accounts, Trion Worlds said. Because of the current momentum around ArcheAge, hundreds of millions of such attempts were made from well over a million different IP addresses in the last few weeks, only a fraction of which ended up being successful [on August 26].

Trion Worlds will provide full refunds to affected players, some of whom say they were affected even though they never played ArchAge. And beginning tomorrow, Trion Worlds will roll out a new security feature to its Glyph account management system that will ask you to input a special, one-time-use code when accessing the service from another computer or a computer you havent used in a while.

You should also change your password and make sure you dont use the same password for multiple sites, Trion Worlds said (though that is good advice anyway). You can change your Trion Worlds password right now through this link.

ArcheAge is a PC MMO created by Jake Song, the man perhaps best known for his work on the Lineage series. The game, developed by XLGames, aims to separate itself from the pack by letting players adventure through the world at their own pace and by blazing their own trails. You wont find pre-defined paths. For more, check out GameSpots previous coverage.