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FIFA 17: Some Features the Fans Want to See

Of all the new features or tweaks that most of the fans would like to see in FIFA 17, the biggest request across the board has been an Online Career Mode. Although players can play online matches with their mates, the Career Mode is very much a personal journey.

Fans would love to see a 2-4 player option at the least, just to get an Online Career Mode started. That would make fighting for titles and transfers all the more energetic – and competitive. Football is all about challenging and fighting for the glory, so why not make that more of a part of the Career Mode?

FIFA 98: Road to the World Cup. There are so many reasons why fans might class this one of the best FIFA games of all time, but the feature that everyone is missing right now is the indoor 5-a-side matches. Rather than including the feature in subsequent games, EA Sports decided to spin it off into FIFA Street. What a mistake. Fans have been asking for the return of 5-a-sides or Pub Leagues since FIFA 98 and they’ll keep on asking until EA Sports hears their chanting.

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FIFA 16: Cesc Fabregas Picks 5 Best Players Ever

Cesc Fabregas is causing a stir in the online FIFA 16 community. Gamers are often interested in the best starting XI, but not only that, they want to know what their football idols think. Former Arsenal captain, Fabregas, has listed a very interesting starting five for a 5-a-side pickup game that’s rather amusing.

Speaking ahead of the release of EA SPORTS FIFA 16 Ultimate Team – Team of the Season, the Chelsea man said: “In goal, Iker Casillas. In defence I’ll put Gerard Pique.”

“In midfield I’ll choose an attacking midfielder because I like offensive football, so David Silva.”

So far, so good. But here’s where it may get a little controversial for Arsenal and Chelsea supporters.

“And up front Thierry Henry and Lionel Messi.”

The all-time record goalscorer of the club he so controversially left in favor of anyone else from his current club – who he so controversially joined.

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FIFA 17: Men the World Needs to See Added as Legends

In the last couple of weeks, potential additions to the game’s list of ‘legends’ has been a popular theme. Here we scanned the current list of FIFA legends for any glaring omissions, compiling the following list of the people we think are worthy of a place on next year’s game.

Winston Bogarde – Getting the sense that this isn’t all that serious yet? Good. You’re right. How good a player was Winston Bogarde? It’s a difficult question to answer if you’re a Chelsea fan. Having signed for the club in 2000, the Dutchman rarely played and his sizeable contract reportedly priced him out of a move elsewhere.

Jamie Lawrence – The one who played for Bradford in their stint in the Premier League and dyed his hair funny colours. Admittedly, the Jamaican international might not be regarded quite as highly as the likes of George Best and Luis Figo – other right wingers who currently have FIFA legend status – but his ever-changing hair colour would be a truly unique feature of next year’s game.

Freddy Adu – Unlike many of the other people who make up FIFA’s legends list, Freddy Adu is neither retired nor dead. Instead, he’s currently representing his 63rd football club, Tampa Bay Rowdies, in the North American Soccer League.

Jorge Campos – What Jamie Lawrence was to flamboyant hair styles at Valley Parade, Jorge Campos was to equally bright Mexican goalkeeper kits.

Jonathan Wilkes – By now, we’re running out of ideas, so why not this guy? Contrary to popular belief, Jonathan Wilkes wasn’t just Robbie Williams’ mate who he called on when the first few Soccer Aid matches rolled around – he was actually an entertainer and did songs and stuff.

FIFA 16 Guide: Slide to Slide

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There isn’t really a need to spend much time going over the controls in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, because they’re pretty self-explanatory. The thumbstick moves your selected player, while buttons on the other side of the screen are context-sensitive and clearly labeled as to what they do under the current circumstances.

The one exception is the “Tackle” button, which is the red one when you are defending. Tapping the button makes your current player stick out his leg to attempt a normal tackle. It can also be used to perform slide tackles, but for that you’ll have to tap, hold and slide your thumb in the direction that you want to slide.

It takes some practice to get down, and gamers have complained about it, but on the plus side, it does eliminate the need for one more button to play defense. So there’s that.

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FIFA 16 Team of the Week Features Firmino, Gundogan, More

Team of the Week for the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 16 is ready to deliver a new installment, allowing fans of the mode to get access to a number of new players who can be used to augment any first eleven, including Roberto Firmino, who led the attack for Liverpool in their entertaining 5 to 4 win against Norwich.

All of them have been selected based on their performances in matches that took part over the weekend as the football simulation tries to stay as close as possible to the action of real-world football.

The attacking line of the Team of the Week is centered on Firmino, the up and coming Brazil star, who gets support from Valencia.

The midfield is very important in FIFA 16 and the five-man line if made up of Meier, Gundogan, Candreva, Guardado and Matuidi, who offer plenty of options when it comes to both defensive and offensive phases.

When it comes to defensive action, fans of the Ultimate Team mode can get access to Rodriguez, Fabio Coentrao and Van der Wiel.

The goalkeeper selected by EA Sports is Mandanda.

The Team of the Week features seven substitutes that gamers will be able to use to plug weak spots on their team or to simply move to the transfer market to get the funds required to get access to another superstar.

Since FIFA 16 was launched, EA Sports is adding another five players to the normal package so that gamers have even more options when it comes to team building, especially in the semi-random Draft experience that this installment in the series added to Ultimate Team.

FIFA 16 Team Mode Explained

FIFA 16 has arrived with splendid reviews. Among one of the new features praised is the   (FUT) mode where players are given cards at random from digital booster packs and they must use what they’re give to form teams. Teams assembled can be used to enter a few competitions and contend for a championship which then earns them coins to continue constructing their team. Impatient folks can just pay real money to get ahead, but let’s not get into that.

FUT mode necessitates constant internet connectivity though it is not mandatory to go up against others online. This is because several features in that mode is only accessible online. Hooray EA, you schmucks.

The thing with FUT mode is that it is not a matter of progressing to a stage of amassing star-studded players. That aspect of the game is banal and frankly hardly exciting. Players in a team must have that click, the right chemistry to work together optimally. So some consideration is required, which is cool.

A variant of the FUT mode is FUT Draft, where players form a team using random golden players. Like the normal FUT mode, drafted teams can participate in tourneys to win stuff. Chemistry, in this case, is also imperative. But FUT Draft isn’t just there for the taking; players have to splash 15,000 gold coins to get in.  Fifa 16 ps3 coins