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FIFA 18 Icon List Is Potentially Leaking

FIFA 18 icon card potential vulnerability list has surfaced in social media, some very familiar faces become the center stage.

Last year, some of the most exciting football geniuses have appeared on unconfirmed graphics. After EA Sports, Ultimate Team will give up the Legends card, which is usually the exclusive Xbox Rear Xbox One console, but instead comes with an icon card. On all platforms.

The following tweets show Brazil’s trump card Ronaldinho-Barcelona’s successful spell, which he won in the time of the Catalan Giants, who will return to franchise, as well as other very successful goals Scorer, such as Raul and Diego Maradona.

Several former Premier League will also be set to enter the FIFA icon library.

Two former England captains – Steven Gerrard and David Beckham – were rumored to be revealed as part of the FIFA Final Team’s logo collection for the new championship, as well as former Chelsea midfielder Claude Markleley and Michael Barak.

However, the addition of Thierry Henry will be an exciting line for those who have his cards, but not an opposing defense line. We can only imagine what his accelerated statistics would be, but one thing is for sure – you would not want Per Mertesacker to line up against!

There were some leaks before and after last year’s EA Play event, but as noted above, the graphics and its contents have not yet been formally confirmed by EA Sports.