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‘Guild Wars 2’ Heart of Thorns new mode review: Features adventure mode

Something new is coming to “Guild Wars 2”-the Adventure Mode. This new mode is a set of single-adventurer events wherein the player must complete an event against the clock. This would then make for a fast-paced event, packed with more action, where the player must actively use his skills to win an event. This new mode is officially called “Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.”

These events, or Adventures as they are called, pit players as they go meet up certain challenges. Although the game certainly has its share of obstacles, like jumping puzzles and the like, the developers saw that they weren’t enough in creating player interaction and that they didn’t have enough replay value.

What they came up with is the Adventure Mode, wherein there are Adventures and players join them to hone their skills. To participate, players must use the Mastery system, along with their skills in meeting the challenges within the Adventures.

An example of an adventure is when a ship runs aground and the survivors are left on an island. The survivors make practice dummies out of their clothes for them to hone their targeting skills. A player is given a rifle plus a small amount of ammunition. To win this adventure, the player must shoot as many dummies as possible before the time runs out.

Each Adventure is a battle of the player against himself; he does not compete with others. Although there are leaderboards, the scores there are for bragging rights and to allow for interaction. It does not mean that there is direct interaction between players in an Adventure. Each Adventure then has its own leaderboard.

Of course, having a leaderboard will still mean a competition of some sort between players, even if it’s not a direct competition or that there would be PvP of some sort. It would be interesting how having a leaderboard will play out in the new premise of the game, as well how it will facilitate interaction between players, even though each Adventure would be like a mini solo game.-GW2 Gold online sale

Arenanet Reveals New Revenant Legend, Shiro Tagachi for Guild Wars 2

Today ArenaNet revealed Shiro Tagachi as a new legend for the revenant profession coming to Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. The revenant channels legends from Guild Wars lore, affording player characters new abilities and weapons taken from Tyrian history. Long-time Guild Wars fans will recognize Shiro Tagachi from Guild Wars: Factions.

ArenaNet designer Roy Cronacher provides further detail on the dual-wielding sword weapon set and the skills specific to the Shiro legend, along with a handy wrap-up of all revenant legends, in a new blog posted on the official Guild Wars 2 website. Shiro gives the revenant more mobility with assassin-like abilities that deal physical damage. One such skill is Rift Slash, which allows players to slash foes with dual swords creating an unstable rift, damaging enemies nearby. Precision Strike is another skill that arms players with blades that they can quickly throw out to both damage and chill enemies.

ArenaNet will reveal the first in-game look at Shiro when Cronacher joins host Rubi Bayer on Points of Interest airing this Friday, July 17 at 12 p.m. PDT on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel.-Guild Wars 2 Gold Online

‘Guild Wars 2’ Gameplay Improved With Updates

In the game’s official website, the developers have introduced new updates to improve the “Guild Wars 2” gameplay experience. The Lion’s Arch has been rebuilt and has “bounced back from Scarlet Briar’s attack.” It will be the game’s center of commerce and culture once again.

New items are also featured in the “Guild Wars 2” gameplay update. The White Feather Wings backpack is a new back-item skin. The Gallant Weapon set are perfect for the most skilled combatant, with a classic style.

“In our reveal of ‘Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns,’ we told you that specializations are our way of giving existing professions new skills and traits,” ArenaNet wrote on the game’s website. “Specializations are actually a much bigger addition that will have an impact on both new and existing skills and traits.”

In Specializations, players can select nine major traits instead of seven plus three grandmaster traits. Each trait evokes more impact and creates more defining and meaningful builds. The unlock system is now more user-friendly and simpler for players with multiple characters.

Each profession will have five core specializations while each core specialization will have three minor traits. Profession reward tracks make up the new unlock system and is made up of packages of skills, traits, specializations and items. Hero Points will be limited and will be earned only through skill or hero challenges.

Fans were outraged over ArenaNet’s expansion packages. According to IGN, the cheapest version of “Guild of Wars 2: Heart of Thorns” comes with a copy of the core title. While this may be a good deal for new players, seasoned players were confused as to why they had to rebuy the game.

Guild Wars 2 Guild Hall Announcement Shows Commitment To ‘Living World’ Design

The team at ArenaNet used E3 2015 to unveil the overhauled Guild Halls that will launch as part of the Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns expansion. The message is clear. These aren’t just buildings for your stuff. These are live, active content portals that give players everything from story based content to pvp bragging rights to social spaces like taverns.

“We didn’t just want to do a building and some NPCs, we wanted to do something really big for them,” said ArenaNet Lead Designer Crystin Cox. “Something that really lived inside of the game.”

Guild Halls enter the Heart of Thorns story after the end of Living World Season 2, when the elder dragon Mordremoth decimated the airship army. This attack left no organized resistance to combat the growing threat in the Maguuma Jungle. So the denizens of Tyria decide the best course of action is to turn guilds into private armies against Mordremoth and the other elder dragons, which means they need Guild Halls.

“This is called the Guild Initiative. It’s going to be a new building in Lion’s Arch,” Link Hughes, the primary designer for guild halls, said. “We kind of destroyed Lion’s Arch at the end of season one, but you’re going to get to go back there when Heart of Thorns is live and register your Guild. You’ll get access to their services, technologies they’ve researched and, most importantly, their reconnaissance.”

This reconnaissance will be used to generate missions for the Guild. Guild Halls must first be earned by completing certain tasks, like locating the Hall and then clearing out any local enemies before moving in. Once guilds complete the necessary requirements to discover and unlock their hall they can begin to use the space for activities ranging from new world vs world content, a multiplayer sandbox-style arena and scribing, a new guild-focused crafting discipline. ArenaNEt hopes the Guild Intiative illustrates the ongoing commitment to the living world philosophy that has helped distinguish Guild Wars 2 from other MMOs.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns’ Guild Halls during E3

It’s been a well known rumor that ArenaNet will be attending E3 for some time now, showing off something from the upcoming Guild Wars 2 expansion Heart of Thorns. What exactly they might be revealing has been a point of contention, however. There’s so much left to reveal, after all. Today ArenaNet spoiled the speculation and so started a tidal wave of hype. During the PC Gaming Show, the PC gaming focused keynote taking place for the first time this year, ArenaNet will first unveil Heart of Thorns’ Guild Halls. Guild Wars 2’s namesake halls are soon to begin construction.

The PC Gaming press conference will only be the start of it, too. Afterwards, and throughout the week, ArenaNet will be showing off more and more of the Guild Halls system. It all builds up to a special livestream on Friday, June 19, when ArenaNet will show Guild halls in-game for the very first time. It makes you wonder what exactly they’ll be showing for the rest of the week. Concept? Q&A’s? A cinematic trailer for the PC Gaming keynote? Either way, next week will be a Guild Halls buffet and everyone’s invited to eat as much as they like.

The implication being that ArenaNet has major plans for Guild Halls, including ways for guildies to interact with each other several cooperative and competitive ways. It will also feature a progression system of some sorts, a way for guilds to level up or expand their guild halls. Perhaps it will allow for additional shops, or entirely different ways to interact with each other. Perhaps guilds will be able to spend their collected Influence to progress, or maybe Guild Merits. It’s probably a different system entirely, perhaps built around experience contribution like other, single-player progression systems in Heart of Thorns. Ah, it’s exciting to think about what ArenaNet might have put together.

Guild Wars 2’s first major expansion, Heart of Thorns, does not yet have a release date. Players are hoping for a late summer, early fall release, but the only safe bet is somewhere in 2015. Probably. Hey, you never know. With ArenaNet showing more and more of the game to press and the public, you’d have to think the expansion is in the thick of beta testing already. That’s the hope, at least.

World of Warcraft inducted into World Video Game Hall of Fame

The World Video Game Hall of Fame has inducted its first six honorees, highlighting some of the most significant early games that brought gaming from the arcade into the home, as well as a couple of games that revolutionized PC gaming.

The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY, has announced that Super Mario Bros., Pong, Pac-Man, Tetris, World of Warcraft, and Doom have become the first titles entered into the Hall of Fame. The list was culled from 15 finalists, with games like Oregon Trail, The Legend of Zelda, and Minecraft not being voted in—yet.

The oldest inductee is Pong, first released in 1972, followed by Pac-Man in 1980. (To play both at once, try out the free online game Pacapong.) Both arcade titles, the games would also see releases, and rereleases, on home consoles, though that market dramatically picked up with the release of the NES and the original Super Mario Bros. in 1985.

Tetris, released in 1984, has seen any number of different releases and variations made, but the original game is still as fun to play as it was when it first released. Doom, released in 1993, is one of the most influential first-person shooters ever released, and while the series has remained long dormant, a proper sequel/reboot is well on its way, with it expected to be shown off at E3 later this month.

And last but certainly not least is World of Warcraft, the still incredibly popular massively multiplayer online game that has remained running since its launch in 2004, seeing new expansions, new players, and even a South Park episode dedicated to it. For more on WoW’s expansive legacy, read EW’s lookback at the game 10 years into its life.

Guild Wars 2 Stronghold PvP Public Beta Now Live

This stronghold test includes several additions and tweaks from its first run, including map changes, adjustments to the rules, stronger guards, and even a “devastating” new attack by the stronghold’s lord.

Map Changes
A number of crates/boxes have been added inside the strongholds around the lord gate to provide opportunities for line-of-sighting.
Made a number of terrain changes.
Realigned the trebuchets to be able to hit the “Mist Essence” summoning areas.

Lord Updates
You can no longer resurrect the lord after the match ends.

You can no longer kill the enemy lord after the match ends.

When an opposing team’s lord is defeated, the winning team’s lord will now celebrate the victory with a cheer.
New skill: The lord will now execute an attack that pulls nearby enemies in, knocks them down, and then does a devastating 360 degree spin. Don’t let it hit you.

Lord Room Defending NPCs
The locations for the defending NPCs in each stronghold are now identical.
The defending NPCs in each stronghold have had their health increased by 10%.

Stronghold Guards
One set of guards (between the inner and outer gate) have been removed for a total of 4 guards.

Mist Essence
Mist Champions now spawn at the following minute marks: 12:00, 9:00, 6:00, and 3:00.
The 12:00 Mist Essence will now spawn nearest to the side that is behind on score.

Guild Wars 2’s capital city is being rebuilt

It was over a year ago that Guild Wars 2’s capital city, Lion’s Arch, was destroyed as part of the Living World storyline. Since then, a group of NPCs have constantly hammered at the same spots in the hope that a city would magically re-appear. Amazingly, it seems to have worked. As part of yesterday’s otherwise minor Guild Wars 2 patch, scaffolding has sprung up around the city. In addition, ArenaNet has unveiled their plan for a brand new Lion’s Arch.

“The plan of the city leaders is not to attempt to fully restore the landmark as it once was, but rather to implement an enhanced design that will more realistically serve the Tyria of today,” writes ArenaNet’s Gaile Gray.

To recognise the change in design, various districts and landmarks are being renamed. ArenaNet is giving its players the chance to help name these locations—albeit only by picking from a list of pre-selected options.

ArenaNet says the rebuilt city will be ready in the “next few months”. Below, you can find some screenshots of the building work as it currently stands.