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Guild Wars 2 Releases Latest Heart of Thorns Expansion

AreaNet proudly announced the release of the upcoming expansion for Guild Wars 2 as number of users hit the 7 million mark. The games first expansion, known as Heart of Thorns, shall be featuring improvements and a lot of new additions.

Guild Wars 2 made a milestone as it gained another 2 million users since August, totaling to a number of 7 million from the time it was released, Game Spresso reported. AreaNet also reports that users have all been spending a grand total 1.4 billion hours playing the game, which was said to be nearly as long as modern humans have been walking on Earth. AreaNet President and Co-founder Mike O’ Brien said in a statement: “We’re eager to see how our fast growing community continues to flourish, and we hope they’re eager to embrace where their Guild wars 2 journey takes them next in Heart of Thorns.”

The good news is, as Uber Gizmo reported, that those who still actively plays the game or those who consider returning might be pleased that the expansion was released. The expansion includes a new zone such as the Mguuma Jungle which offers a new storyline and new events. There are also new Guild Halls where guild members congregate and meet up, new profession in the form of Revenant, new PvP Battlegrounds in the form of Stronghold, and new raids and dungeons to be explored. There are also World vs World events. Another main addition is the Mastery System upon which starters are assisted to progress the game in new ways.

According to Game Director for Heart of Thorns expansion, Colin Johanson, there have been improvements to the game which are mostly based on fan feedbacks. For instance, the main villain Zhaitan did not feel like a villain at all for he was not encountered until the end of the game, according to fans. For which they personified Mordremoth a lot more to end up as someone a player would desire to kill. According to Attack of the Fanboy, inconsistencies in the average players’ playtime were addressed by Steve Fowler, AreaNet’s Global Marketing Head.

All these features and improvements are jam-packed in Guild Wars 2 expansion, Heart of Thorns. The base game is now entirely free, and all bonuses shall come without subscription fee. The expansions are available for 50 USD for Standard, 75 USD for Deluxe, and 100 for the Ultimate pack.


Guild Wars 2 Weekend Beta Event Successful

Buy cheap GW2 Gold   ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 has recently been confirmed to have its first and newest expansion, Heart of Thorns Raids. With it, a recently held beta event was deemed successful, weeks before the beta’s launch is to take place.

According to Develop-Online, TwitchCon recently concluded it convention last October 4th, Sunday, after showcasing some of the features for Guild Wars 2’s latest expansion update, the Heart of Thorns Raids. Also, ArenaNet initiated on launching an official trailer that presents the expansion’s composition.

MPOGD delivered that the event started last Friday, October 2nd at 12PM PST or 3PM EST, and ran until Sunday, October 4th at about 11:59PM PST. In comparison to the previous beta events, players will be given the privilege to fabricate new level 80 characters that will give them access to all the game’s character professions. This will also include the new Revenant profession from the expansion.

The gamers can trek through the expansion and its new outdoor zone, namely the Heart of Maguuma, as well as trying out the new character’s improvements such as the Mastery system. Other feats include the Druid specialization for the Ranger, and for the first time, players can sample the first of a planned sum of four areas in first Raid, namely the Spirit Vale.

As reported by Design and Trend, ArenaNet has recently launched the trailer of Guild Wars 2’s Heart of Thorns, exhibiting just how impressive the graphics are for one thing. The trailer also shows the classic Guild Wars 2 NPC hero, Rytlock Brimstone, taking on the antagonism under the sinister jungle dragon Mordremoth.

After the utter success of the weekend beta even, Guild Wars 2 fans are now cordially awaiting the launch of The Heart of Thorns expansion which is slated to hit the shelves on October 23rd. Stay tuned for further details and updates on the said expansion by ArenaNet.

A Look at Guild Wars 2 Move to F2P

With the first expansion to Guild Wars 2, Heart of Thorns, coming out next month, the core game has been officially made available for all players absolutely free. This change comes by opening the entire game, with nothing to buy in order to experience all of the game’s content, bringing it to the top tier of F2P games. With this large change, the game has been given a refreshed community, as well as some changes going forward in regards to updates and new features coming to it.

The change to a F2P model has brought Guild Wars 2 a lot of new players. Those that were playing during the free weeks/weekends and those that were wanting to give it a try but just weren’t sure are all able to play everything from beginning to end with no cost. It’s easy enough to see the boost of populations in most areas of the game, whether you’re out questing, joining sPvP, or even taking part in some WvW combat-all around, it’s a lot more lively than it was prior, and this helps bring about new people to play with and tackle challenges with.

In the sense of GW2, these limitations really aren’t bad. You usually won’t be spamming people with PMs, so that’s not an issue. Character slots and inventory slots are rectified by multi-accounting. The only real limitation on those would be the ability to trade gold for gems on the exchange, which disallows for snagging cash shop items without having to pony up cash to do so. Past that, aside from minor quirks, it shouldn’t be an issue for the vast majority of players.

As for the level limitations, these are all easy enough to hit, and they help with exploring more of the game. If nothing else, consider them as part of “gating” content so that you unlock new things as you continue to progress. And also note that once you have hit level 60 and have a level 20 PvP rank, you’re officially allowed to do everything everything the game has to offer, with no further limitations!         Buy Cheap GW2 Gold Online

‘Guild Wars 2’ News: Now Free-To-Play, Paid Expansion Coming in October

“Guild Wars 2,” the massively multiplayer online role playing game developed by ArenaNet is now free-to-play. According to an announcement on the game’s website, anyone interested in playing the game for the first time can now download the game for free and play starting August 29.

The announcement clarified that it is the core game that is available for free and that players have to sign up for free accounts in order to play. Free accounts, so as to distinguish them from other types of accounts, have fewer slots for characters and bags and also have restrictions when it comes to interacting with other players through chat. Players with free accounts are also restricted to proceeding to other zones in the game through a series of level caps. According to the announcement, these measures will hopefully discourage cheaters among the newbies, as well as protect veteran players.

Players with free accounts will however get the whole paid core game and much more if they end up purchasing the upcoming paid expansion called “Heart of Thorns.” Those who want to remain playing for free however can still do so, but the developer expressed confidence that whoever starts playing the game will want to pay for additional content.

“Heart of Thorns” is arriving on October 23, 2015 and it is expected to bring a lot of end-game content which includes Masteries, Fractals and Stronghold. The Mastery system that will be introduced by the expansion is described “as a new approach to endgame progression” and is especially targeted for veteran players who have reached level 80. According to the website, it also intends to “widen the gap between new and veteran players.” The expansion is also expected to bring “challenging group content” through its raids.

This is the first expansion pack released for the game since it was released in 2012. Since its release, the game has sold over 5 million copies.   Buy cheap GW2 Gold Online

Guild Wars 2’s Revenant elite is the heal-happy Herald

Guild Wars 2 expansion Heart of Thorns brings new profession the Revenant to the game. Each of Guild Wars’ professions can eventually make it to elite specialisation, and ArenaNet have seen it fit to now tell us all about what the Revenant can become: the Herald. It’s a shield-bearing, support-heavy role that looks sure to be popular in a fight.

The Herald allows the Revenant to equip a shield in the off-hand, which can be used to cast a variety of buffs and heals when used with the Legendary Dragon Stance of Glint. Envoy of Exuberance is a skill that buffs allies with protection and a quick heal. Crystal Hibernation is a personal shield spell that regenerates health and ignores any damage and conditions applied to you.

The Herald’s Legend provides five upkeep skills, which mostly focus on granting your allies boons such as swiftness and protection. The Herald also gains a mechanical skill called Facet of Nature, which increases boon durations on nearby allies every few seconds.

As with all Guild Wars professions, the Revenant can fight underwater, and the aquatic abilities for the Herald have now been locked down. The spear-based skills have been announced, and are an even balance of physical and condition-damage styles. Spear of Anguish inflicts increasing durations of torment, and Rapid Assault auto-attacks to inflict vulnerability.

The full nitty-gritty details on every Herald combat ability can be found over at the Guild Wars 2 website. If you’ve yet to try out the Revenant profession in Heart of Throns’ beta, you can read our hands-on of the expansion.   Guild Wars 2 Gold Online