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Madden brings back colleges, but an NCAA video game remains a longshot

For all the news about video games, college athletes, litigation and settlement fees, Texas Longhorn and Oregon Ducks in a video game adventure – in EA sports video games – made a lot of eyebrows a week ago.

The two universities appeared on the “Longshot” highlights of the scroll, the story came to the Madden NFL 18. The protagonist, Texas quarterback after the failure of the protagonist, apparently Pac-12 charm privilege hit a contest The This is what, who knows, but it seems that the video player will once again be able to guide a college football team action when the Madden NFL 18 arrives at the end of August.

There is still a long way to go to restore college football. This is not a prelude or a test balloon issued a future intention. Remember, the NBA 2K16 also offers players the choice of six universities in the story mode, that is two years ago.

However, the electronic art will take the university back in any form of one of the video games, which is very noticeable. For me, of course very carefully expressed EA sports developers talking about college football records is asking for his pink slip. The NCAA Soccer Series and its college basketball players were abolished in 2009 and are generally considered to be a thorough development of the labor force of amateur athletes, even though electronic art follows the NCAA policy even if it requires the NCAA to consider allowing college students to appear in their own first name.

Why is Texas one of the few major university sports projects to make money, choose to join? In the old era of NCAA football, the top football factory will receive up to $ 75,000 in checks for use in EA sports series, peanuts to a big time school. Reducing personal trading may make it a higher payday, but when you deal with universities that are synchronized with the gross domestic product of developed countries, it is questionable that the money really closes the deal.

It is more likely that one of the 128 schools in the video game that is alone in the film work alone, rather than being regarded as an abuse of the player’s rights, helped drive the movement of the long beast. And ducks are also. Remember that the animal house was photographed at Eugen Eugene, when the president of UO was in California refused the postgraduate request at the Berkeley campus to shoot the request.

In fact, two large football schools bought this fact, after all, NCAA football series after the end of the unpleasant and bad public relations performance is very good.

But that does not mean that NCAA football is coming back.

Madden 18, Bob Stoops Home In Chicago, And More

Bob Stoops is not the head coach of Oklahoma, but still does not sink.

Ron Tatum is a very talented defensive terminal for OKC, and has made a commitment to Oklahoma State University after making a brief commitment to Texas. His original commitment to Texas does not seem to be much decisive, but it is very popular news. Not only that, “Happy” won a very talented player, but Lincoln Riley’s staff also to the Red River in the south of the people sent a strong message.

In any case, here are some more about Bob Stoops and Sooners!

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Many people think that Bob Stoops bought a very expensive house near Chicago’s Gold Coast, which is an obvious sign of the future. However, Bob explained Tuesday morning at the Tulsa Sports Animal Museum. Since 2006, he has a house there, he was sold after a recent purchase.
Jenni Carlson explains how Stoops has changed not just Oklahoma’s football project. I do not necessarily agree with what she does, but she is doing well here.
Baker Mayfield is comparing with Tyrod Taylor, and I think it is accurate in some respects.
John Hoover wrote: Ron Tatum’s clamshell and sent to Texas news.

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