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4 minutes to four penguins road 5-1 victory over flying ball

2017-18 NHL season regular season continues, Pennsylvania today Derby ushered in the second season, ailing at Philadelphia, Pittsburgh penguins team challenge to play against lightning leader team, flying, eventually penguin team, connected to four goals in four minutes, in the second quarter to a 5-1 victory over air, face opponents win two games this season.

The game, getting two general regression for penguin’s backcourt, Justin – schultz and Chris le tang are fit, at the same time are also adjust their frontcourt, Patrick HuoEnKui and connor – sheree back to a set of partner captain Sidney Crosby, aims to help his goal drought. Goalkeeper position, penguin team on the substitute Tristan da cunha in, but not for air to adjust to the squad, the goalkeeper position they sent to the main Brian elliott.

Opening, both sides waging fierce battle in midfield, body fight fierce, penguin’s tall defender jamie oliver’s west ark at centre-back to collision, but it doesn’t help the penguins team open situation, in the first 10 minutes, they trailed by 1-4 of the positive to air. Middle penguin team’s star player began, Crosby once created 2 dozen 1 chance, but by teammate waste.

Opens in the second quarter, the penguin team condition has not been changed, but 10 minutes on a sixpence, penguin team win the game the first more play less opportunities, ranked first for group show strength, Crosby and phil kassel continuous hit the wall type one-two, two people passing completely torn open air team of defense, kassel in the right side of the iconic wrist shot ball wear elliott stick side defensive net, penguin team leading 1-0.

However they are not happy for too long, after 1 minute, air Jordan team on the offensive, with some in the frontcourt guard brandon – manning the ball to partner deco – ancient das, the latter slide with excellent technology, in the slide in the process of find the gap by an arrow shot from hiding, in front of the three groups of striker John, penguins back pressure Brian heinrich dumoulin door mat in the penguins, 1-1.

Penguin team of three or four groups help the team to retake the lead after 30 seconds, Ryan – rivers front to resist air a set of defender Ivan – prokhorov to pressure the ball between the three groups of center riley – cher, which is on the right side wall beautiful turned and took two air defense players into to the door, though his shot was blocked, but rivers follow up the ball before scoring, 2-1.

40 seconds later, the penguin team will expand to two balls, air Jordan team frontcourt stance appeared serious error, penguin team defender Ian cole in the frontcourt defensive success, he stabbed the ball straight through the air team defense, a set of striker connor – sheree high-speed dash to form single pole, his face getting high speed air guard Andrew MacDonald calm pull the ball, use their rely on the main body, then face the elliott sober shots will be to rewrite the score is 3 to 1.

Penguin team engaged after 2 minutes, it is hatched offensive team three groups in the floor area, shere khan nabla pass found the door meet Tom – kunar Kerr, and the latter in the face of Mr Prokhorov defensive shots in a row, elliot cope with, he’s goal 4 times in 4 minutes, 4-1 penguin team definitely lead. After 1 minute, penguin team also hit, and saves its rivals in the injured to the ball, had to be substituted. Air teams in the 15th minute gain valuable more play less chance, but defender shane – justice bill shot hit the post,

The third quarter, air Jordan team replace goalkeeper, Karl noe walter replacement, but he guarded the door in the 14th minute solved, use less opportunities, more penguins’ orie west him first shot wounded to block Mr Prokhorov, further less people, flying team couldn’t stop penguin team offensive, Crosby another driving, Sam cassell and Ye Fu ghani malkin shots in a row, the columns of west him follow up before the hit will expand the score of 5 to 1. Finally on this score, penguin team with this comfortable victory, a recent offensively embarrassment, and put an end to the two defeats.