World of Warcraft News and Updates: Left Shark is Now a World of Warcraft Battle Pet

Not anyone could easily take the SuperBowl XLIX Halftime Show crowd’s attention, especially not when you’re competing against Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz, and Missy Elliott. Unless you’re “Left Shark,” the adorably cute back up dancer for Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ performance, who seemed to have forgotten the choreography so he made up his own.

Here’s the latest on World of Warcraft news and updates.

After a designer tried to make a few bucks by selling Left Shark merchandise, Katy Perry had tried to trademark Left Shark, but recently, the U.S. Trademark Office has rejected her request.

What does this have to do with World of Warcraft? It seems as if Left Shark had needed other sources of employment and Blizzard was just more than happy to offer him one.

From Katy Perry’s backup dancer, Left Shark is now a collectible battle pet in the World of Warcraft universe. Oh, how times have changed. One minute you’re performing in the SuperBowl Halftime, the next you’re a battle pet.

Do not despair, since Left Shark will not be leaving his true calling. As a battle pet, he is still able to use his amazing dancing skills to battle against pets of other players, with his highest level dancing abilities the Rain Dance and Dazzling Dance a support ability instead of an attack.

Using the Public Test Realm server, Blizzard is able to test up and coming changes to the World of Warcraft game to see if there are any fixes that needs to be done before deployment. Since it seems that Left Shark needs to prove his skills to his new employers, this is where Left Shark was first discovered (pun intended). This is most probably because Blizzard wants to be sure his dancing abilities and performance are as brilliant as his SuperBowl appearance.

According to his profile in Wowhead, Left Shark was added in the 6.2 patch, though Blizzard still has not released any news on when the next World of Warcraft patch will be released. For now, at least we can console ourselves that we can have an account in the Beta Patch Public Test Realm and have the chance of having our very own Left Shark following us around, or possibly dancing on your left side.